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  1. I’ll quote myself to elaborate. Obviously there are problems with both the Book of Mormon and the Biblical narratives. Aside from the supposed anachronisms in the B of M (the list is getting shorter) there is also the problem of how did the Lamanites and Nephites migrate? JS stated that the landing was near Valparaiso, Chile. That would seemingly place most of the events in the B of M in SA. The early Mormons adopted a big view of where things took place, assuming the narrow neck of land was the Isthmus of Panama. But this can’t be true, because the isthmus is not passable. I discovered this from my uncle who surveyed the Pan American highway. The highway ends in Panama and continues in SA after a boat ride. So B of M events in this area are impossible. That leaves SA as the main area of events, leaving North America the recipient of the northern migrations mentioned in the text. But not the center of events. Of course JS could be wrong in his opinions of the landfall. No wonder there is scant archeological evidence. We don’t even know where to look. Plus, given the terrain of NA, we have only scratched the surface of places to look.. Adam and Eve are also problematic. How do we explain pre Adamites? Dinosaurs, sabretooth tigers etc etc? Assuming the Biblical narrative is true, and I believe it is, there is a lot of explaining to do! so it comes down to faith. Only the Spirit can tell us the truth. We will discover all truth when the veil is lifted.
  2. Unless the Book of Mormon is real, it doesn’t make sense to believe anything it says. Same with Adam and Eve. I could make up some sort of value system, and populate it with made up characters myself. It would mean nothing unless I could sell it and gather believers to my system. Some people have stated to me that the Bible is totally made up by people to obtain some sort of control over the gullible. So, in order to contradict this sort of thing, the people, places and events in the Bible must be largely true. Otherwise it doesn’t make sense. Like Mark Twain said, you can’t pray a lie, and you cannot believe in one either. Not really For us believers, the Spirit has testified these things are true. If it were otherwise, there would be no Spirit. And there would be no believers.
  3. I’m of an age when most people are already retired. But im addicted to a very good lifestyle. I like event vacations in foreign countries. I like my vacation home, and it’s not cheap to maintain. I enjoy several fairly expensive hobbies. Life is good and I have no desire at all to live on a restricted budget. So, I keep working, albeit at a semi retired pace. I’ll need my 75% when I decide to retire. But more power to those of you who are willing to forgo the niceties.
  4. Rule of thumb in the financial planning business is that one needs about 75% of one’s normal earnings to be able to afford to retire decently. This assumes one has eliminated commuting expense and other work related costs such as eating away from home and special items like suits and ties or nicer clothing for women. I have a joint life table on my desk at work and for married couples contemplating retirement, I show them with the use of the chart that one of them is likely to live 30 years. And they need to prepare for the accompanying inflation etc. They won’t be buying their “last” car, nor will the roof on their house likely last that long. Many of these decide to work and save a little longer.
  5. Maybe. I’d like to know where these pics were taken. Pres. Nelson travels to a lot of third world countries. He wouldn’t take his Patek to any of those. He would wear such a watch as pictured. 😐
  6. I’ll note two things. He doesn’t have a bracelet that would add about $1,000 to the value of his watch. That’s modest. Second, one assumes that the First Presidency, being higher in the pecking order, rocks either Rolex or Patek Philippe. The Prophet, having been a wealthy doctor, I vote Patek.
  7. I have had cataract surgery in both eyes. There are lenses that allow both reading and long distance vision at the same time. Your brain quickly adjusts to this. I don’t wear any kind of glasses anymore. And I previously had bifocals. As I recall, my insurance didn’t pay for the lens upgrade I don’t recall the cost, but it’s a small price compared to the benefit Modern medicine is wonderful.
  8. Very true. The traditional pension plan is going the way of the Dodo bird. Government pensions cannot be too far behind. Most of them are going broke.
  9. Clearly the former. All of us are entitled to the same testimony as an Apostle. Being an Apostle is a calling. But one must be willing to accept that calling.
  10. Here is my take. As a missionary in 1968 I attended a meeting with Apostle Gordon B Hinckley who then presided over the South American missions. He bore a testimony more or less as follows: I have never had a vision, never heard a voice. But the Spirit has conveyed to me in no uncertain terms that Jesus is the Christ and that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. I obtained this witness by prayer and fasting. As in olden times, the apostles are ones who are willing to give up all that they have to follow the Lord. Not many of us are willing to do that. I’m not. I’m looking forward to a relaxing retirement. Not gallivanting around the globe preachingthe gospel. Gordon B Hinckley gave his life to the Lord. That makes him a special witness.
  11. Who is Brian David Mitchell and why should I care about Him?
  12. The US is the greatest and richest country in the world, and will continue to be this in the foreseeable future. It is very unlikely any country will overtake the US anytime soon, due to us having the rule of law and in the case of Asian nations, their wide cultural differences that are incompatible with greatness. The US stock market S&P 500, on average over the last 100+ years has yielded 8% with dividends reinvested. This is likely to continue A diversified stock portfolio is one of the best investments one can make. This is by far, the best country in the world.
  13. The Book of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?
  14. We don’t know the answer to your question. God has not revealed this. In the Catholic faith, suicide is a mortal sin.
  15. Not really. We are taught that God has all things before Him. He’s seeing your future choices in His real time.
  16. Uh, present day Utah was Mexican property in 1847. We were at war with Mexico and stole it from them soon after the pioneers arrived.
  17. You realize of course, that Liberace was a homosexual, right?
  18. Don’t know how old you are Mores, but in 1968 the discussions were scripted and expected to be memorized. Challenge to baptism was midway through first discussion. If you are unaware of any formal discussions in the sixties, you need to do more research.
  19. In 1968 the discussions that were scripted and we were required to memorize, had the baptismal challenge midway through the first discussion. Basically by that time only the First Vision had been taught. So for Ballard to say that he doesn’t know how early invitations began is disingenuous. These invitations were scripted.
  20. Discussion of this article is raging on another forum. Now apparently closed. Among other things, words that alleged the GAs didn’t know how the early baptism invitation got started created a lot of controversy.
  21. Don’t be unfair to the poster. Based on the information given, this was a decent answer. I happened to agree with it.