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Found 9 results

  1. I was called to be the YW president in May and have absolutely loved the calling. I have stellar counselors, a great secretary, and wonderful advisers. WHen I was called, my bishop asked I call a sister from the former presidency to serve as an adviser, particularly because she was so upset about being released and that she is fluent in spanish (we have 2 beehives that speak spanish only). I agreed, knowing he knew her far better than I did. Since, she has been slow to communicate if at all, absent from many meetings without informing others, and most recently has displayed animosity toward me personally, not the presidency (Made that part painfully clear). At the beginning of July, the 2nd counselor with whom she works closest (they're over the beehive class together) expressed to me concern of this adviser not attending meetings, planning lessons, or assisting in planning activities. I said I would pray about it and see what actions we might want to take. I expressed in the group altogether that we needed to aim to support one another and that a big part of that is attending activities and Sunday meetings as often as possible. Everyone agreed during in the conversation. This week we had a combined activity during which we would be planning 3 separate events coming up that heavily involve all 3 classes. She was not in attendance. I texted in the group text to see if she was coming (I did not have her number saved separately, my mistake) and the second counselor said she had texted her privately before saying she would not be there. Totally fine. I responded "Okay - next time we have a combined activity let's text in the group if we will be absent so we can plan accordingly". Everyone else saw this as a reasonable request. She responded and said she would take into consideration my suggestion. I responded that it would only be fair to all of us to know who will be attending and assisting in combined activities. Again, no one else has had an issue with this. She responded cruelly saying she had to pray about this and said I was contradicting myself constantly and that I clearly do not value any one else's opinions. I asked her if we could take this conversation away from the group. I apologized very sincerely for upsetting her and any actions I've taken to make her feel any less than critical to the organization. She responded again extremely hatefully, saying she only had a problem with me and not the rest of the presidency and that I just am afraid of losing control so I don't listen to her. Again, I've had limited interaction with this sister outside of combined meetings and combined organizational meetings. I have, since the beginning, made it my goal to never focus on myself during this calling, but to only focus on the girls and their individual and group needs. I have emphasized the critical role each leader plays in the organization and in the girls' lives/spiritual journeys. I feel physically ill over this, mainly because she has spread this hateful energy to her daughter who serves as beehive president. I feel lost. I don't feel she can or should serve in the organization if she feels this way about the president, whether I was serving in that capacity or not. However, I do not want her to feel I released her out of retaliation and as a power move. I do not want this energy or dissension in the YW organization. I want a happy and healthy environment for my girls to thrive in. What do I do?!
  2. So, I've been wondering, can I wear a bikini if it is modest and no revealing? This may seem silly, but I am looking for a new swimsuit and have really bad chest acne. The only thing I can find that is high enough to cover it are some high chested bikinis. I have a plan to just wear the top and wear board shorts but I need some other opinions.
  3. I was set apart as the YW President last week. We have a lot of inactive young women, and I've found that lots of people who wouldn't show up for an entertaining activity will show up for a service activity. (Learning how to tie quilts? Not a soul. Tying quilts to be sent to flood victims? Everyone and their son shows up. Speaking from experience.) So, I'm tapping your brains for ideas on community service activities that we can do as a group of eight to ten 13-17 year olds. Also, I don't know quite yet what our budget is. Tie/fleece blankets Hygiene kits (we have a beloved couple from the branch serving a senior mission in Sierra Lione) Backpacks/school supplies for low income kids in the fall
  4. Anybody else seen this? I'm staggered by the response in the comments: What can we do as youth leaders to help stem this flood of negativity in our wards?
  5. I'm looking for ideas for bonding activities specifically. Fun, hopefully, because we will be putting on some (short) classes on different aspects of sisterhood, and we want to follow those up with fun. It will probably be in a lodge (at a church camp) in January, so they have to work inside.
  6. Hello everyone, my real question is can a young woman on her period (using a tampon of course) do baptisms? I remember when I was 13 or 14 at the DC temple they gave us papers saying if you were go talk to a temple worker but now they don't give out those papers anymore (it was a one time thing). My friend were just wondering about if you can if you are using a tampon? Thanks all.
  7. Has anyone experienced their silver medallion turning yellow? I've had mine for a year now and the back of it is yellow and the front is starting to yellow. Any suggestions on how to make it stop and to get rid of the yellowness? (I've tried jewelry cleaner and toothpaste).
  8. Has anyone received the new Personal Progress materials yet? We're still waiting on them in our ward. So far as I can find online, the new changes are basically: 1) Updated books -- new cover, include the Virtue value, and minor changes to all the other values. They appear to be spiral-bound, which I think is fabulous. They're also pink. 2) Young Women will receive certificates when they move from class to class. 3) Young Women receive a scripture bookmark ribbon whenever they complete one value, along with the sticker emblems we had before. 4) The medallion has been redesigned to include the age group symbols -- beehive, rose, laurel wreath -- and a ruby. It's also round. 5) Young Women can now receive a bee-shaped Honor Bee charm after finishing their Personal Progress. The requirements are to read the Book of Mormon again and to serve others for 40 hours, including some time mentoring another Young Woman in her Personal Progress. 6) The torch logo is now all gold, presumably to reflect the Virtue value(?). I think it was blue and red before. Have I missed anything? I'm making a video about the changes to show to my Young Women, so I'd hate to leave out something important. I love the addition of the Honor Bee charm -- I think it's good to give Young Women something specific to work towards after they receive their YWR (and hopefully motivate them not to procrastinate finishing until their last few months in Young Women's!), and scripture study and service are two of the most important things I can think of. I also love the ribbons; you can always use more bookmarks in your scriptures. I don't like the new medallion so much, though -- I just think the old one was prettier. Perhaps I'm biased. Do you like the fact that they've made the new books pink? They're very excited about it -- I definitely preferred the purple. What do you think?
  9. Hi everyone- I have been asked by the youth in my ward to give a fireside on FRIENDSHIP. They said I would have 30min of time. I am very nervous and have been searching the internet for ideas for the fireside. I would love it to be interactive and hopefully something that will inspire them to make and keep good friends. IF anyone has any ideas. . . please let me know.