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  1. Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzles players: New Year's is a great day to have a game. This is the last attempt of 2021. Unfortunately, due to bad weather, it looks like I won't get to see my family this year. It snowed Christmas and is still on the ground. The best time for a game is tonight, but there's an opportunity to have one all weekend. The following list has available time slots: Tonight from about 5:30 PM to 9 PM. Saturday and Sunday from about noon to 9 PM. (I'm assuming leaders will cancel church due to bad weather. I'm also not 100% well.) All times are Pacific Standard Time. Hopefully, the game will be between three and four hours total. When looking up time zone differences, compare your time with Seattle, Washington, USA. If you want to play but aren't able to make it, please schedule a time. I am available nights from about 6 PM to 7 PM and throughout weekends. Please contact me with times you have available, and I hope we can set something up. As always, the game takes place on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Be sure to include the underscore, or you'll show up at the wrong location. You'll know you're in the right place when you see a topic that says when the next game is. More information on the game's website. I performed a three-player script test with an emphasis on testing the script detecting idle players and made some script changes that I can't remember. More details on the website. Finally, here are three random questions: Book of Mormon: King Lamoni offered Ammon anything for knowledge of how he defended his flocks. What was Ammon's response? A) for Lamoni to listen to his answer, B) to go with him back to Ammon's people, C) to allow him to marry one of his daughters, or D) to allow Ammon to baptize him? Old Testament: Genesis is a word from what language and with what meaning? A) Hebrew, B) arrival, C) end, D) Latin, E) origin, F) Arabic, G) Greek, and H) departure. Church History: On the third visit from Moroni on the night of September 21, 1823, Moroni cautioned Joseph as to what Satan would try to do and forbade him from it. What was Satan going to try to do? I hope to see you at the game.
  2. It has been a while since I tried a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles, so this weekend is the time: tonight, which is Friday, between 6:30 PM and 8:00 PM; tomorrow all day from 10 AM to 7 PM; and Sunday from 1:30 PM to 7:30 PM. All times are Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). For those outside North America, compare your time zone with Seattle, Washington. There will only be one session this weekend, so I'll post again when a session completes. The game is on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please see the website for more information on how to get to the game. I don't believe I have anybody signed up for the notify list or newsletter at the time of writing this, so I'm going to post three random questions here. Rack your brains to get the answers but do not send me the answers until prompted in the channel when the game starts. I will post the answers in the newsletter after a game,. Good luck. See you there. Book of Mormon: True or false? A man tries to take revenge on Ammon for killing his brother during Ammon's defending of king Lamoni's flocks. As the guy lifted his sword to kill Ammon while on the floor, the guy dropped dead instantly. Old Testament: According to the Bible Dictionary, the book of Judges gives a history of how many judges? Old Testament: "And shall (blank) and not be weary, and shall walk and not faint." A) Walk, B) run, C) stand, or D) jog?
  3. Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzle players: (First, thanks to the admins for letting me post these. It's difficult to find players these days.) It's been a while since I last tried to have a game, which was back in April. I have made some changes since then, and I'll go over those in a moment. Even though it's the fourth of July here in the states, I'm hoping to have a game either today or tomorrow. For today, a game can start anytime between 3 PM and 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time. For tomorrow, I hope to have one between 10 AM and 3 PM. Tomorrow is Family Home Evening, so I don't want the game to go over to interfere with that. If there's confusion as to when that occurs in your time zone, compare your time with Seattle, Washington, and adjust times accordingly. The game is still on the DALnet IRC network in channel #lds_trivia. More information is on the website, including methods of accessing IRC. If I included all updates to the game, this post will get long fast, so I'll present a summary with more information on the website: Puzzles and word scrambles now have rules regarding length. Word scrambles will not contain more than three words, and puzzles will have a minimum of four words, ignoring conjunctions, articles, and most small prepositions. I have a list of words that do not count to create consistency. I increased and changed puzzle values. Puzzle values now start at 6,500, 250 for each letter in the alphabet, and I increased vowels to 1,000. Values decrease with each letter guessed and revealed. Word scrambles can now be questions. Rules for scrambles and questions combine. All scrambles are level three with no category appearing in the question itself. I added rules in case I make a mistake, which can happen. There are five scenarios I made rules for. Since the game is live, anything and everything can go wrong, but I hope to keep that to a minimum. Finally, I adjusted the bonus round. I decreased the time added for levels five to eight to the same pause used when asking a question in the regular game. Additionally, if someone gets a level eight question right, they'll earn 1,250 points and go back to level one. I fixed some bugs and found more and probably created some when trying to fix some. I hope to see you there.
  4. Hello, fellow players: It's the last few days of the month, and I haven't tried a game session, so I hope to have one this week. Here are some available times for the upcoming week: Today: between 2 pm and 7 pm Pacific Daylight Time. Monday: an appointment between 6:30 pm and 8 pm. Tuesday through Friday: between 6:30 pm and 8 pm. I work until five, and I want to make sure I get home with time to eat and get ready. (I also work late to make up late starts and extended lunches when applicable.) Saturday: between noon and 8 pm. I will post this once and then post when a game happens, because there's only one session. Feel free to set an appointment for any of those time slots. Once again, the game is on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please see the website for information on how to get to the game and the rules. I hope to see you there.
  5. Okay, it's time to try for a game this week for the month of October: Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday from 4 PM to 8 PM Pacific Daylight Time. If no games happen on any of those days, there's one final one in October on Saturday, but the earliest start time is 5:30 PM instead of four. I will post if a game happens. Once again, the game is through IRC on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please see the website for information on how to get there and how to play the game. Please help by spreading the word. I want some players, please.
  6. Hello, fellow LDS Trivia and Puzzles players: I tested the script as much as possible, but I am thinking of adding a random aspect to a question's point value. After testing the random bonuses, I liked that the point values weren't always divisible by 50. I'm mentioning this in case anyone had thoughts about that. Anyway, I still don't have a main job, and I am on call at my second job. Each day, I'll hang out on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. If any people show up, I'll start a game. There will only be one game this week if one happens, but you're welcome to hang out in the channel. Anyway, see the website for more information on how to get to the game.
  7. Hello, fellow trivia players: For the past week or so, I made some changes to the LDS Trivia and Puzzles game, and I want to have a full game before the quarantine ends. I don't work tomorrow, so for those that are able, a game will start anytime between 1 PM and 7 PM. It's on DALnet in channel #lds_trivia. Please see website for more information. I only have one job while looking for a replacement to my main job, so I'm on call at work in case they need me. If you go to the channel and not see me there, they called me for work. The updates to the script are too numerous for me to remember, and they're minor tweaks. I changed how information appears, tweaked the code to be more efficient, and removed bugs.
  8. Hello, fellow trivia players: I hope to have a session of LDS Trivia and Puzzles tomorrow evening at 6:30 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 9:30 PM Eastern. It's in the same place as before: #lds_trivia on DALnet. If I don't have a game then, I hope to have one Sunday at around 1 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 4 PM Eastern. See you then. I made some updates to the game and even the script. Here are some highlights: I increased the random level bonus from 50 points to 25%, added a 10% bonus for random category, and 40% for both. I hope this gives players an incentive to try those. It adds more difficulty. Decreased educated guess points from one-fifth to one-tenth. Some of those questions are hard to guess, and I want to give bigger incentives when players get them right. Did a major update to the full rules page on the website. Please let me know if you try to sign up for mailing lists and are unable to do so. I don't know if they work or not, because no one has signed up.
  9. Hello, potential trivia players: There's illness abound in my area, and since I couldn't go to church today, I thought it great to host a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles. I am in the #lds_trivia channel on DALnet through IRC for a game until about 7 PM Pacific. I'm going to script test and play until one or more shows up to play. I made many changes since the last post, so I thought I would go over a few of them: Increased point values for puzzles. The objective is for players to solve the puzzle as fast as possible. The value still decreases with each letter revealed. Further, its value appears in the channel, so players can see how it decreases. Increased point values for questions. Having two... point values for level one questions weren't enough, because it's difficult to ascertain toughness. Players' scores appear as the game progresses, allowing them to see how they're doing. When awarding points for questions, players' scores display after awarding all points to avoid confusion. Word scrambles now have two hints at the 40 and 20-second mark. The script will show the first letter of each word, and then display a hint to help people solve them. Revamped jackpot to give more entries based on question point values with a greater chance for the player that posts first. Added Scripture category. If players can find the answer in any of the standard works, it appears. Finally, I reset the stats page to allow a new accrual of high scores after moving the current one to the end of its page.
  10. Okay, I now have two jobs, working six days a week. This changes the options to two days a week: weekends. The week of 22 Sep has two days: Sunday, which is today, and Saturday, the 28th. The time is still 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Information on how to get to the game is on its website. I made changes to the script to show players' scores virtually every time they score points. It's not perfect yet, but it's a start. I hope to see you then.
  11. This is short, short notice, but there is a game tonight at 6 to 7 PM Pacific, 9 - 10 PM Eastern. It's in the usual place with the details on the website. Furthermore, there is one other day available this week if a game doesn't happen tonight: Saturday at the same time. I don't want to run out of questions so quickly, AND I want there to be more of a variety. It will take a while to get loads of questions, but it will be fun to create them. I hope to see someone then. I changed the point values of puzzles with the hope that players will guess fewer letters and, especially vowels. The value starts at 2500, plus 4000, and minus 500 for each word but not below 3500. 2500 is for each letter in the alphabet, but 2600 doesn't seem right. Each letter guessed decreases its value by 100 and then the value of each letter. Vowels take 600 points away from the value. Additionally, the value of the puzzle is always shown after the puzzle when displayed. Players do not see their scores as the game progresses except at the end of every round. Other trivia games show the scores when players get correct answers. For right now, players will see their scores privately when they get points for correct answers. I haven't finished this feature yet.
  12. Okay, the next game sessions of LDS Trivia and Puzzles is every day for the rest of the week until a game occurs at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. For information on how to get to the game, go to its website. I'm going to ask three completely random questions here. Rack your brains to come up with the answers, including looking them up, but do not post those answers here. Come to the game to answer. I suggest storing the answers in a text file using one line per question. When prompted, post the answers in the game. Earn points. Anyway, here are the questions: Church History: Name three of Joseph Smith's scribes when he translated the Book of Mormon. Book of Mormon: Laman and Lemuel were murmuring against Lehi. What did they feel in regards to Jerusalem? A) They felt it wouldn't be destroyed; B) they completely and totally believed Lehi that it would be destroyed; or C) they wanted to get their items that were left behind? New Testament: Which two gospels talk about Jesus cursing a fig tree? A) Matthew, B) Mark, C) Luke, and D) John.
  13. I hope to do a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles tonight. Since it's short notice and close to the regular start time, I'll move it to no later than 8 pm Pacific. Having two people would be ideal, but one works. It's the same location as before: channel #lds_trivia on DALnet. More information available on the website. If a game doesn't happen tonight, I will have one on Saturday night and will post the time and initial questions. If you have any questions about how to get to the game, please let me know.
  14. I know it's not much notice, but I'm hoping to have a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles tonight, Sunday the 23rd, at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. I am done with school so that I can do other games on a different day of the week. Let me know what day. Information on how to get to the game is on its website.
  15. Okay, it's been a while. I am almost done with school, and I just moved to a new location, so I didn't have access to the computer with the capability of playing the game. (It's only on one computer.) There's probably not enough notice for tonight, but I'm hoping to have a game either tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday. I'm setting a time at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern, but I am open to change it. Let me know what time you'd like. The location has not changed, so if you want more information on how to get there, visit the game's site. As for game changes and whatnot, I haven't had time to work on the game. I wrote a few questions, but that's about it. We'll see. I'm going to make posts in my new ward and my old ward in an attempt to get some players. Let me know if you have questions.
  16. Okay, this isn't much notice, but I hope to have a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles tonight at the usual time of 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. This is in about five and a half hours. More information on how to get to the game is on the game's website. I'm not sending any pre-game questions until someone signs up to the mailing list. If you want to get three pre-game questions sent before each game, please sign up. It's also on the website. Finally, please let me know if you are unable to sign up to the mailing list. I can't fix things if I don't know about them.
  17. Okay, an opening has come up in my schedule for Sunday, 24 Mar, at the usual time of 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. The game may start earlier if two people show, and I'm ready. I'm done with school until a week from Monday. (Boy, that's not a lot of time.) I don't know when I'll be able to have games, but I'll announce here when I'm available. IRC is an older form of chatting, but it's still great due to features the IRC client I use has. Without its scripting capabilities, I would have to use other methods. The games would last a lot longer, and it may not be as fun. I'm still writing questions, but puzzles can be the hardest to write. Writing a combination of small and large puzzles is difficult. As for other days in the week, I'll announce the day before when one or more spots open. Thank you, and I hope to see you there.
  18. Okay, it's time for the game sessions for the week of 3 Feb to 9 Feb: Sunday, Friday, and Saturday at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. It's the day of the Super Bowl, so Sunday's session can start late, but the on-time bonus is not given. Further, I'm going to send an email to the subscribers of the list with three questions. Whoever subscribes to the list should get that same email. I hope to post three questions for each session next week, too. Anyway, I hope to see some people there. For more information, visit the website.
  19. Okay, it's a new week. For the week of 20 Jan to 26 Jan, there are four possible game days of LDS Trivia and Puzzles: tonight, Monday, Friday, and Saturday. I'll keep the time at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. Monday is a day that a game can't start late. I'll post three pre-game questions to the mailing list in a moment. I hope to see some of you there. More information on the website.
  20. Okay, next week has three days for games: Sunday, Friday, and Saturday at the same time of 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern. The first one will be today--tonight. I'll try once again and post three questions to the mailing list. If a game doesn't happen, I'll post again later in the week. See the website for details on how to get to the game.
  21. The first week of school is one day from finishing, but I hope to have one game in the next three days. For consistency, the time will still be 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern, but it can start up to two hours after six. Details on getting to the game are on the website. I made a change to the script, but I haven't updated the website, yet. The !pick and !guess commands are now optional. In fact, using the wrong command, except !puz, will still be accepted for what is asked. The !puz command is still recommended, especially for the player in control.
  22. I'll have a game tonight at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern until about 8 PM Pacific. There's an on-time bonus for showing up at 6 PM. Hope to see you there. Pre-questions will be sent if people sign up for the mailing list. More details on the website.
  23. Okay, no one has responded to what time to do a game, so I'll try for a game of LDS Trivia and Puzzles either tonight or tomorrow night at 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM Eastern until about 8 PM Pacific. There's an on-time bonus for showing up at 6 PM. Hope to see you there. More details on the game's website.
  24. (I forgot to put a message here about the next game.) This is the last week off before going back to school, and I have time this week to do a game, but I don't know which day. If anyone wants to have a game, please let me know of a day and time for one. Remember that I'm on Pacific Standard Time. Any times given without a time zone indication is on that time zone. If the time zone where you're at isn't known, indicate the country and the nearest major city, and I'll find out. More details on the game's website.
  25. Okay, I would like to have a game this week, but I don't know what day to use. Since I'm out of school literally for the year, AND I no longer work, this gives me an opportunity to one game after Christmas this week, but I don't know what time. Let me know when to have a game. I'm on Pacific Standard Time, so please give a time in that timezone. If that isn't known, please tell me the nearest major country and city you live, and I'll look it up and adjust it. More information on getting to the game is on the website.