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  1. Thank you Guys! All this everything you have said has made perfect sense. I just need to be more humble and trust God. Thank you!!
  2. so there is this girl that got back from her mission and joined my ysa ward in December. I met her and thought she was really cute, but i didnt want to get to close to her because she told me she was leaving the ward for school in September. I know thats a long ways away but i didn't want to end up in a long term relationship. Anyways during church activities and FHE activities she would go out of her way to talk with me. She is funny and has one of the strongest testimonies I have heard. So I thought, what the heck ill ask her out. She said yes and I took her out to dinner. We had a lot of fun so I asked her out again. She said yes, but i wasn't sure what to do. One thing i look for in a girl is if they will be a good teacher to her future children. so i prayed for a way to find that out about her. I got a prompting to take her to Temple square and the Church history Museum. I did and I had never seen someone so excited to be there. She knew so much about the temple and church history. I'm pretty sure the Lord was telling me that she would be an excellent teacher. So i asked her out again and we went out a few more times. I've been to the temple multiple times, prayed about it there and felt really good about everything. Anyway yesterday I finally told her how I feel. She just said she didn't want anything serious. i told her that I knew she just got home and I didn't want to try to rush her into making a decision. She said she really appreciated that and enjoyed spending time with me though. So I don't know what to think. One other thing to add to this is when I got set apart for my current calling in the ysa ward. I was told in the blessing that If I fulfilled my calling I would have the opportunity to meet my eternal companion. For the record I am not desperate to get married. I just feel a pull to working towards it and I feel like the Lord is pushing me towards it as well. I am about to get released from this calling and I believe I have given it my all. Sometimes I have this lingering thought in the back of my mind saying that I didn't fulfill my calling fully and thats why I'm still single. Some background on her. She has never been in a relationship before. Could that be a factor? Idk I just feel like I prayed and gave this everything I had and got nothing in return even though I felt really good about it. She reminds me of how I felt on my mission, which was the happiest I had ever been. COuld that just be because she just came home? Maybe I just need to have patience idk do you guys have any advice? Was I really receiving revelation about all this or was it my our thoughts that made me feel good about this? How did you guys rely on the Lord when it came to finding your eternal companion?