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  1. Wow, all conjecture aside. Several talks hit home for me. Some on a 'macro what we should do as a people, as a church culture scale' and then Elder Hollands brought it in up and personal between us and the savior. I really appreciated several talks, and got some great spiritual insights and confirmations these two days!
  2. So no, no chapel with a view into the baptistry. That's just the waiting room which is adjacent to the confirmation rooms, to each side. Ps: open house was great. There were a ton of people there. I loved the celestial room, it was beautiful.
  3. I'm actually thinking right now " maybe I'll watch this when I get back".
  4. Ooooh, this weekend my family is going to go through the open house tour, now I'm more excited.
  5. Just to hit something specific, you mentioned Paul saying it's better not to marry. Context, context, context. Yes he did say that. But he was answering a specific question, and we don't know what that question was. It's important. I can think of a contemporary example that illustrates this. Elder M. Russel Ballard said at a meeting I was at in regards to church history that "research isn't the answer" Wow! I saw on the internet people take issue with his statement and on the surface it does look bad. But context! This meeting was specifically for young married couples, it was about how to keep your marriage strong. The question was about how to handle a spouse that was falling away due to issues with church History. In that context I agree out researching your spouse probably isn't the best way to keep your marriage strong. Likewise with Paul, we don't know what the question was, or the circumstances surrounding the question were.
  6. I just changed the brakes on my car yesterday, brake pads were still under warranty so I paid $0.00 for new brake pads, less than a dollar on grease, and 3 or 4 bucks on the brake cleaner. My rotors we're finally done in, they were too thin to machine, so I had to buy new ones, 100 bucks for two rotors. $15 bucks for a shiny new 18" breaker bar because the bolts that hold my brake caliper brackets are a bear to get off. I told my wife, "The calipers aren't touching the brake pads, the brakes will feel funny, give them some pumps untill they feel normal" She calls me "You need to come out here, I just rolled down the driveway!" Did she pump the brakes first? Nope, she thought I meant while she was driving.
  7. See you had me until this last one, that's where you started going into fantasy land.
  8. On the flip side I think companies are becoming aware of this. I felt the latest Android had some fairly sane notification blocking features, it even notices that I swipe away certain notifications and asks if I'd like them blocked ( reality was that I got enough info from the notification to swipe it away without going into the application for more info) I say slap that do not disturb mode on and enjoy the silence! Side note: I'd love to get a machine going that loads software off of 5.25" floppies. I have fond memories of playing this pirates game on big floppies on a DOS computer. Not that I'm old enough to really remember 5.25" floppies, my friend just happened to find some at a pawn shop and the bays were still around so we played it. I've thought about building a free DOS rig for ancient gaming... But retcon games are a thing now and they tend to really pretty the game up while keeping the pixelated art styles.
  9. VGA cables are always d-sub 15, but not all d-sub 15 cables are VGA connectors (I think I've seen them on really old computers for serial ports, but like 99 percent of the time if you are looking at a blue colored d-sub 15 connector, it's used to send VGA signals) VGA connectors are often colored blue. Although they are largely obsolete, they are still common enough that many monitors will still slap one of these bad boys in the back.
  10. I actually attended this meeting, it was in my stake. The article explained the context pretty well. I'd emphasise that this was a Q&A meeting for young married couples, where a specific question was asked in regards to keeping marriages together. It was a great meeting, I enjoyed it.
  11. I read the article, I find myself hoping that he intends to live up to his covenants with God. The fact that he went to the Lord in prayer makes me hope for this outcome, some of his wording I'm trying not to over analyze. I really hope he can find a way to stay on the covenant path.
  12. Brings back memories. I liked to play a paladin the few times I was not DMing. But I quickly got annoyed that my buddy did everything to pigeon hole me into that "boy scout" paladin you describe. If I so much as looked at a peasent wrong *poof* powers gone. It was stupid.
  13. I'm enjoying this 'O Holy Night' from Joe (I don't see a way to embed the video on mobile)
  14. Okay, try not to get bent out of shape when someone explains something when it's not readily apparent you already know it. But to the point you don't seem to understand what you are talking about imho. After all one of your bigger critiques was the difficulty of installing/unavailability of certain software, which is just the natural result of being a tiny market share on the desktop rather than any inherent flaw in the product itself. Somewhat like wondering why the Ford brakes everyone else uses won't fit in your BMW. (the car analogy is fun!) Why isn't there money in the matter? This illustrates that you don't know what you are talking about. See Red Hat Enterprise Linux, or the many support offers put out by different Linux companies. If support is what you want, then pay for support! I think the fact that many popular programs use the open source development model and beat out proprietary products disproves this. Oh, but you already knew that right? So why did you make this point to begin with?