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  1. Nacho2Dope

    New Handbook

    I am not expecting any major changes
  2. Nacho2Dope

    New Handbook

    Wednesday is going to be a very busy day.
  3. Nacho2Dope

    New Handbook

    Social media is full of rumors over the new handbook, any word on any changes that might be coming out in the new handbook that will be released this week? Thanks,
  4. This is a frustrating topic for me. If the Spirit testifies the truthfulness of something to me then I know it’s true and I will continue to testify that it is. I was listening to a podcast and they were talking about the culture of certainty in the Church and how we really don’t know that the Church is true. So I can’t be certain that I know but they can be certain I don’t know. This makes no sense to me at all. I believe that satan wants us to doubt those experiences and pass them off as something we have made up. I think that Satan knows how powerful a testimony is and wants us to not share them. This quote is from another podcast “The threat of justice doesn’t change people. If God threatens judgment, people still aren’t going to repent. What chapter 11 tells us is when the two witnesses stand up, when you actually get up and witness to what you believe, that’s what changes people. That’s what averts God’s judgment. And rather than 9/10 of the population being destroyed, which is what was going to happen, only 1/10 of the population is destroyed.“
  5. Nacho2Dope

    Christmas Party

    My wife was put in charge of our ward Christmas party, just wanted to get some advice on what others have seen work, and what to stay away from? thanks
  6. That's right the Priesthood session is in April.
  7. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    Thank you! Really enjoyed your response.
  8. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    My brother left the church because he felt he couldn't meet the expectations he put on himself. He was constantly stressed over not doing enough and he finally just left. He is not angry with the church, but I don't see him coming back anytime soon.
  9. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    I agree; however, I think that Jana Riess does not
  10. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    On a different discussion board someone had questioned what President Nelson meant when he said the work was moving at an accelerated rate, and I think this helps answer that. God does not wait for us to catch up or even pay attention. His work is moving on with or without us!
  11. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    I complete agree with this. Thanks for the response.
  12. Nacho2Dope

    Conference Rumors

    Has there been any news on conference rumors? I have heard some of about shorting the mission length, and also a few who want the WOW changed. Anything anyone else has heard? Sorry I know that not everyone gets into this.
  13. Nacho2Dope

    Priesthood restoration discrepancies

    Thanks. I appreciate the insight and examples!!
  14. Nacho2Dope

    Priesthood restoration discrepancies

    I would definitely agree with you that faith is abandoned. I have known a few who have had issues with their faith, including some family members. Within the small group of people I know and stories I have heard, I have never heard of someone having a faith crisis or abandoning their faith and come back stronger and more committed to the gospel. Does anyone have an example of this? If not it would seem that once down that road there is only one outcome.
  15. Nacho2Dope

    A Modesty Article that is going around.

    Thanks for sharing that. I guess it just depends on how the information is being presented and what you want them to take away from the lesson. I am hopeful that no one who has used this in their lesson did so with the intent to cause harm to those they were teaching. They may have tried to present it in a way you did; however, its hard to know what people will focus on during a lesson. My wife and I will discuss the Come Follow Me lessons during the week and its interesting we can have the same information but interpret it so differently. I really had no idea it was still being used. Those that you have talked to, have their experiences been recent like yours?