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  1. That’s a very good, but profound question. Well, here in Brazil we go to church in the morning, have lunch together and take a nap. I like visiting my extended family on this day and reading gospel material (I have many books at home). One thing that I occasionally do is buying food, and I mean for lunch, but only when there is no other way. But we don’t go to movie theaters, or engage in any kind of entertainment on Sunday. Sometimes we watch TV and that’s something we’re trying to work on.
  2. I thought of something similar: new canonized material or even new scriptures. Maybe more Joseph Smith stuff. Thanx for sharing your thoughts.
  3. Hi, folks I got astonished when President Nelson said that next general conference would be a "blast" . Any ideias on how great this event will actually be? Especulations are welcome!
  4. What do you guys know about the keys of translation, I mean, to translate beings? I recall of having seen it somewhere, but I don't know where. I'd like to get Amy thoughts on the matter.
  5. I really enjoyed your comments. Actually, I know finding answers to such questions are quite hard (or even impossible). But I think that the thing is search, knock, ask. I love the perspective the restored gospel gives to each of us in terms of knowledge acquisition. And I really enjoy interacting with you guys! Thanx. Anyhow, there are mysteries out there, waiting to be known. I believe that what we are doing is the basis for such acquisition. Of course, it depends more on God to reveal His mysteries to us than finding the answers through our efforts alone. But Mormon had the same doubts and he, after searching, asked and an answer was provided. Isn`t it amazing?
  6. Well, when I used the terms "immortal" and "amortal", I was intending to distinguish a person who died and resurrected (immortal) and a person who would eventually die (amortal), that is, a person to which death would have no effect for a time. Now, addressing the terrestrial order issue: as far as I am concerned, translated beings are of a terrestrial order, so their physical condition might differ a lot from ours, I suppose. I mean, terrestrial bodies are in a higher level than the telestial ones (of course), so it is reasonable to think that the three nephites and John the Beloved are in a higher condition of existance, or in a terrestrial order. If they had died and resurrected, they would have entered in a much higher condition, which is the celestial glory, and I suppose they wouldn`t be able to carry out the work they so desired to do. I`m glad to get more comments on that.
  7. Hi, folks I’m studying about translated beings and I came across 3 Nephi 28, in which we read about the three nephites and their desire to stay on Earth to keep doing the work of the Lord until His return. We know that these three men, along with John the Beloved, and Alma the younger and others had their bodies changed in such a way that they could live on Earth and not die, neither suffer physical pain or any kind of disease. The only thing they would suffer was sorrow for the sins of the world. My concern is this: a) translated beings are mortals, immortals or amortals ? b) is there blood running in their veins ? If so, what would justify that? c) translated beings are in a terrestrial order. What does it imply to their condition ? You’re most welcome to share your thoughts and help me in my personal studies!
  8. Well, "Father's houve" might mean much more than just the celestial kingdom, in my opinion. I mean, there are millions of kingdoms that are in different glories. In Moses 1 we read the Lord telling Moses how vast His dominion is. Anyhow, it's good to learn from you and to increase in knowledge
  9. Great observations. Thank you Well, I`ve been thinking about children not living with their parents, especially when they are growing. If things of this Earth are in the likeness of the things which are heavenly, as Paul said, then we must concluded that we, indeed, lived in the home of our Heavenly Fathter and Mother. But in John 14:2 we read that in the house of our Father there are many mansions, so it sounds plausible to consider the pre-mortal realm of spirits as a different place, where our Father and Mother, who own everything in the universe, would come and visit us. What do you think of that?
  10. I really enjoyed your highlights . They seem plausible to me. I myself have come to some of the same conclusion that you have, so I thank you for sharing it with me.