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  1. Even in that unlikely case, one would receive the "punishment" as a result of one's own choice to come to earth, and not Adam/Eve's transgression. One is punished for one's own choices/sins and not Adams transgression. Thanks, Wade
  2. One way to conceptualize visitations between the kingdoms is to think of it like Harry Potter wizards can visit, live with, and interact in Muggle land, but Muggles can't go to Hogwarts or Diagon Alley. Thanks, Wade
  3. I am grateful to all for sharing. It is good to know that I am not alone in experiencing such traumatic situations. It is the kind of thing where one does the best that one can, and then lay the rest at the feet of Christ, comforted in the faith and hope that all will be made right and whole in the end by the Savior. Besides, when any of us pass to the other side, we leave behind all our material possessions. For some of us, though, that occurs prior to death. Even still, "It is well." Thanks, Wade
  4. I have discovered through Spirit-led introspection that when I feel as though interactions with my fellow man, or fellow saints, is "hellish", this is my natural man reacting rather than the side of me striving to become more like Christ. It is a way of exposing my own weaknesses and need to repent and change. After all, given the far more vast disparity in righteousness or even social affability between any of us and Christ, yet he allows his Spirit to be constantly with us and may even consider us as "friends". He is our exemplar. Thanks, Wade
  5. To me, "excommunication" suggest a complete severing of interactions, whereas "membership withdrawal" simply suggests diminished responsibilities. So, to my mind, there is a difference between the thorn and the rose bloom. I like the change in terminology because it shifts the focus away from punitive reaction to faith-promoting action. Thanks, Wade
  6. Since we chose to come to earth and take upon us a fallen condition, would it make sense to claim we are punished for Adam and Eve's transgression? Thanks, Wade
  7. That is an interesting take. But, I am not sure how the envy and ingratitude of the older son will be overcome by the prospect of lording over the younger son once the father id dead. It seems to me that it would reinforce the bad attitude by countenancing prideful and self-centered comparisons to others. As I see it, a heavy dose of humility may be in order. The older son may be better served to undergo the depths of despair the younger son experienced--which opened his eyes of appreciation for what he once had, but lost. Hopefully, though, the father's counsel will enable the older son to learn from the younger son's mistake without him having to go through it himself. And, the same goes for those of us, like myself, who may lack gratitude, and who may dabble in prideful and self-centered comparisons to others.The last thing I need to be told is that those I envy will one day be dependent upon me. Thanks, -Wade Enlgund-
  8. Like most Bible believers, our clothing has evolved beyond the fig leaf--mostly of our own accord, though at times with some input from God. Thanks -Wade Englund-
  9. How does the fabric work in hotter climates? Does it "breath" as well as cotton, or is it more prone to sweat? [Edit: I just read some of the later posts. They answered my question.] Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  10. Since all missionaries need companions (married or otherwise), I suspect the policy difference has to do with it being easier for young women to serve with a much older women than it is for young men to serve with older men, or vice versa. There was a single male missionary in my mission who was in his mid to late 20's, and he found the difference in age more than a little off-putting. Imagine were he two to three times that old? But, what do I know? Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  11. You are probably correct. However, doesn't it depend upon how each of the covenant makers understand the word "consecrate?" Thanks, -Wade Enlgund-
  12. That is an interesting connection to the Pharisees. I wonder, though, if the comparison could be extended to suggest that the older son represent the Jews, while the younfer son represents the lost tribes and the gathering thereof, or the Gentiles. All through Christ's mortal ministry he was subtly preparing his disciples for taking the gospel into all the world. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  13. Not necessarily, and yes, there is a difference. Homosexual sin is sexual immorality and an abuse of procreative powers, whereas same-gender marriage is a sacrilege of the sacred ordinance of marriage. This means that even if a homosexual couple refrains from sexual behavior, they are commit a serious transgression were they to be married. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  14. Yes. In fact, the human brain has evolved, for survival purposes, to tune out the constant sensations in our life and devote the limited awareness resources to anomalies. Rarely are we conscious of the fairly constant and relatively clean air around us, though that doesn't mean that it isn't there. However, when there is an anomaly, like finding that relatively clean air displaced by dense smoke and/or substantial impurities and repugnant odors, we become acutely aware. The same is true for extreme changes in temperature. Likewise, we tend to only become aware of the constant companionship of the Holy Spirit when we lose the companionship through the smoke and impurities and stench of sin or when the Spirit heats up or sounds louder above its gentle warmth and near silent whispers. (Jn 3:8, Act 2:1-4) Not coincidentally, the Hebrew and Greek words for spirit also mean "wind or "breath"--see HERE. Thanks, -Wade Englund-
  15. No. As intimated, the message is that we ought not be like the two brothers who failed to correctly recognize and appreciate and be grateful for what the gospel has given them/us. This message is underscored by the parable of the Hidden Treasure and the parable of the Pearl. If we rightly grasp the incomparable value of the gospel, we will be less likely to seek after the far less valuable riotous living or be tempted by jealousy and covetness. Said another way, if we recognize the unfathomable riches and lofty mansions the gospel affords, why would we leave it for the vacuous slums of sin and low character? Thanks, -Wade Englund-