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  1. We could forget clothes all together... so everyone is... equal.... By devine design men are to preside. That means they’re ideally supposed to know and want and do the RIGHT things and lead a family that way. In courtship it’s ideal the man take the lead. If woman were the ones inviting and proposing all the time, men would be the ones in the position of marketing themselves to the highest “bidders” and would undoubtedly be the ones with traditions of makeup and shaven armpits. (Haha) So it is, that the woman that markets her body, will get the body-hungry. Kapish? The man that markets his body, will get a WO-MAN after him...;) (We could be marketing other more meaningful things.) Extra: Men leading, is just practical. A man often has more strength, and more spatial cognitive ability which usually provides an advantage over woman to dominate. But that doesn’t mean men don’t need woman. It just means they generally need woman sightly less then woman need men. (Really, just in different ways) I’m saying, our traditions of letting men lead, has practical advantages even if you ignore the statements and power of God.
  2. I think the goal in life is to understand and make them as black and white as possible. There are intricacies (forgot the better word) that require specific reactions. I think, God will absolutely help us in guidance, (or not harshly judge us, in our confusion. If he is REALLY, withholding knowledge) All we need to do is seek. Will a man, sell his soul for the world ? things aren’t so clear when we step out of the influence of the light. (Even if we may think we’re still in it). Courage in small things goes a very long way.
  3. Yup. Prostitution doesn’t become ok, because you’re starving. Or does it?.... choose what is right let the consequence follow yeah, when it’s time to break one commandment to follow another, we need God’s help and approval to decide.
  4. John, I thought Marijuana was called the gateway drug? And Alcohol a dangerous end.
  5. No, you don’t give freedom to a dictator. the government that allows the right to arms will not allow another government/ideolgy, that does not allow the right to bear arms, to supersede it. Capish? Two different totalitarian ideologies can’t exist at the same time. E.g. In the U.S.A. some companies are wealthier then entire contries. Our government restricts them, so that the public’s way of life can be maintained. So the company doesn’t get bigger then the government, as to take over the government. They need to operate within the government’s outlines. We want to maintain our way of life when we restrict other counties from exercising their “right to arms”. Do you think North Korea allows its people to bear arms? It doesn’t. And if we’d let it take over the U.S.A (cause we wanted to give them “freedom”) they wouldn’t allow the U.S. people to bear arms either. Ironically the people who are right (that is the most peaceful) should carry the biggest stick to maintain order. This is an important concept.
  6. I agree, your presentational method seems not easily palatable. (Remember rebuke, AND show love.) I think, he’s alright, I would say he should keep in mind, that everyone else in life is faking-it-till-their-making-it as well and in reality running on low self esteem themselves. We’re all (very) insecure as well, even when we pretend we’re not.. He can easily be the leader by showing confidence in their friendship, and the goodness of others. (That’s a thing too. — you “fake” the goodness of others until THEY make it) oh! they were’nt feeling secure enough to say hi? Walk up with confidence and give a fist pump and say what’s UP BROTHER! AND then, when a brother pretends like they’re too good (an epidemic feeling) for being friendly, you do the same thing to him, - a little low profile ignore ’tude (but only to them, (when they’re in the act of being lame) then later try confident friendliness again) so they can eventually learn what behavior, doesn’t win. YOU CAN DO IT!... btw I think you’ll be surprised how warmly people will react since their only waiting for someone to show kindness. “fake-it-till-you-make-it” is a worldly phrase for faith. We desperately need more “fake-it-till-you-make-it” faith, in our circles, relationships and friendships. Fake the love, until you make the love.
  7. I clicked. Thanks for saying, I’d been making conspiracy theories about the intention of the posters. Christ was the Son of God, And all your heart, might, mind and strength isnt “casually” engaged. “casualness brings casualties” This is what I’m curious about... Look, we’ve tried the law of consecration once already. It didn’t work out for us. we weren’t ready for the greater law. Once we Recieve this law well, maybe we’ll make progress to that greater law. If our hearts remain hardened to our duty, we’ll filter our selves out, because the law of consecration is MORE responsibility, not less. Accountability is wonderful. this is a test to see if we will step it up. We need to step it up.
  8. Just made a topic, asking about a mobile app... was wondering if you guys were doing one?
  9. So, I’ve been spending a good deal of time on this site of yours since I signed on and I’ve enjoyed it. 1. Cause I like to argue and 2. It’s a good group of people. Just went to the App Store to see if you had an app, you don’t. Are the administrators or owners of this site also the designers and developers? Are you considering making an app? Sounds to me like that would be a really nice step.
  10. I think she looks great! 👍🏽 😁
  11. Well Moroni the angel DID appear with a similar presentation to Joseph... they weren’t at church though
  12. Yup, in some places they don’t even wear clothes! But, don’t think its without effect. There’s a reason why, I believe the USA has developed fast and strong, and I would like to attribute it to habits of decency and modesty over the general population. And no, I despise the Burka in all situations. (If you were wondering)
  13. Yeah, it was a complicated statement, I wanted to mention that your school uniform would be more appropriate in the church then your swimming uniform, since it’s a lot closer related.
  14. And @BJ64 mr. BJ, you don’t need to let everyone know how strong you are.