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  1. It involves trade secrets, and apple certainly won't let anyone else do that . Does Android do that ?
  2. Most of the "advantages" are experienced or tested by Android /iPhone users themselves .
  3. In some ways , Android will be more convenient than iPhone, maybe that is one of the reasons people choose it , But who can deny that iPhone is safer than Android ,I'm talking about data management.
  4. iPhone is really y picky , this show that it does good job in a data managemnt of the iPhone device ,But that doesn't mean the iPhones are only compatible with Apple products , in fact , the iPhones are compatible with other different phone , (Android or Samsung ), but it is not easy , you just need some tools .
  5. Obviously, you don't like the iPhone , if so that , Advantages of an Android ?
  6. Can you list some of the advantages of an iPhone or an Android phone ?