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  1. Andandanswer, so you think Jesus would hang a lions head in his mansion on high? Jesus did a lot of things you dnt do in the temple. He want to parties. He ate with his friends. He laughed. There are a lot of good things in this world that arent in the temple and Jesus seems just like the person to enjoy them. There is an apocraphal story of Jesus first miracle that involved him as a boy raising a bird from the dead. True or not, I can see this a lot faster than him killing for fun. Cats do play with their food. When they are dead they generally eat them or give them to their 'tribe'. They do not make a den to show off how cool they are with dead mice heads.
  2. People have this amazing capacity in their brains. It is called the ability to multitask. They also have this amazing capacity in their spirits. It is called empathy. Lions have a more limited capacity to feel empathy for their food. But I have yet to see one kill prey and mount them on their cave wall.
  3. I am trying to picture Jesus with Cecil's head on His living room wall. It is not coming in clear for me. Wonder if there is a reason for that.
  4. Well the answer I hear all the time is there are lots of jobs and if they dont have one it is because they need to get up off their lazy bum and get one. Of course that is from the party I dont love so I pretty much discount it. I am curious how you respond on a political post without being political, palerider?
  5. Havent checked my inbox for awhile so was a bit surprised to find this message. Thought you guys might have a few comments about it. Sargon e Sent 20 December 2014 - 11:15 AMIm looking for a group of Astralnauts to scour the area surrounding cumorah for the Cave of Records. Would you be interested?Reply
  6. He is supposed to ignore the ignorance of the republicans while they are mocking him? I suppose he could but it was a funny moment for most of us. Obama has a good sense of humor. I like that he is still trying to get the congress to act on repairing and replacing our infrastructure. That is looking to the countries future in a positive and necessary way. A huge side benefit is all the jobs created by the work needing to be done. The longer we wait the more expensive it will be and repairing will no longer be possible for more and more structures and roads. State of the Union speeches are supposed to be upbeat and hopeful. They are useful for encouraging the citizens to give their congressmen a nudge to acting on bills needed. It is also a good time for the presidents to let the nation know what he has in mind for his agenda and how he intends to accomplish those goals. I thought he did a good job. Obama is not a boring speaker and is good at getting people enthused. Hopefully he will have the support of congress to get some of the things he is shooting for done. I dont hold out much hope but I can dream cant I?
  7. I like final fantasy 14. It does have a lot of battling but I do little of that preferring to do gathering, crafting, marketing, gardening and working on my house and for my free companies garden supplies. Pick moral people to play with and it makes the game much more fun and clean. I learned to either form my own group or be in the leadership so that I have control over the goings on. It avoids a lot of the common issues of foul mouths, immoral talk etc. The thing to do is control your game. If you cant then its the wrong game for you anyway.
  8. Yes I own a shotgun. It is at my mother's house because there is someone in the house that has ptsd. I will not allow a gun in the house at the moment. Probably will get rid of it. It is too difficult to use anyway. Ken could use it but I cant. Maybe sometime in the future I might get a 9 mm. Maybe. I doubt it but it is possible. Not fond of the owner safety issues with them although I am comfortable with guns. Just dont like the stats on the safety.
  9. I would most likely be atheist or completely making up my own. Religion has to make sense and there are just huge flaws in most. Ok all but this one. Just logic and credulity flaws in the others.
  10. I expect to have spirit children if I can get/keep this life on track. I dont know if my kids will worship me. They dont here very well. :) Maybe I will do a better job with the spirit ones!! At least there is lots of time to practice! I am a mom so my spirit kids will have a Mother in Heaven. and a Father in Heaven. I also expect to create worlds. Some back away from that doctrine but it puzzles me why. In this mortal life we move into our own house and raise our own family. I see no reason for that to change. All in all it is going to be wonderful! Looking forward to getting there, after lots more learning than my poor mortal mind is capable of, and being with my husband and in a wonderful complete family unit again. What a blessing we have to know this is something that God has planned for us!!!
  11. I go alone. I am a widow. Smile at people. Say hi. Perhaps you can see the other women who go alone. Often widows. It is good to sit with us because we will never have our husbands with us and we appreciate friendly people to sit with. After a few times you will feel more comfortable.
  12. Help them with the business plan which you do not see much hope of succeeding. Help them with financial planning and how to make the best of what they have. Do the best you can for them but you are not in a position to give them money. Not for that. I am a very liberal person but it just makes no sense to throw money away that will help your family housing situation. Buying a house is one of the best things you can do. Learning to save the money is good learning experience for you and a good example to your kids. Being a responsible home owner is good experience and improves your families quality of life. I do feel empathy for them because I am not young and I am not in good financial straits either but I would never dream of taking my kids chance at a home away for my own benefit. Chores and labor help yes, when needed, but not this.
  13. The problem in Britain is that no one wanted to be part of them except England in the first place. People hold long grudges against being forced. I would like them to be come independent as countries but present a united front as a coalition for defense and trade purposes although I believe the EU does that already.
  14. So considering the statistics I say women need feminism to have support from other women to be strong against the evils of the world. You men can argue stats all you want but it does us women no good. It is a way for you to distance yourselves from the reality that women face that only other women can really understand. You can empathize and be supportive but you just dont truly know how we feel. We women need each other. Joseph Smith realized that when he organized the RS. Now that does not mean all women are pursuing good goals in aid of their sisters but dont paint all of us with that brush. We mostly talk and work together as we should. We do not need men trying to divide us and push some to more radical and even wrong ideas. Feminism helps us be strong and that is good.