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  1. Ok I get it. Thanks Pam. Should have looked at Anatess's link to the story.
  2. I don't get the original post. Isn't that Ronnie James Dio? Well here are my top 12 albums of all time. Why 12...cause 12 Apostles, 12 Days of Christmas ..etc 1. Rush Moving - Pictures 2. Coldplay - X&Y 3. U2 - Unforgettable Fire 4. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms 5. Pink Floyd - The Wall 6. The Cars - Shake it up 7. Big Country - Steeltown 8. A-ha - Hunting High and Low 9. Senses Fail - Still Searching 10. The Cardigans - Gran Turismo 11. Doves - Lost Souls 12. Gorillaz - Demon Days Favorite Soundtrack of all time - The Big Chill
  3. I'm not justifying or rationalizing the breaking of homes. Just saying if you grew up with Jesus in your neighborhood you might not encourage your available daughters to seek him out looking at the surface. We as Latter Day Saints and Christians of course know the whole story. If you look at those in the Bible there were few who were raised in what we would consider a nuclear family. I wouldn't be surprised if there are several leaders in our Church who were raised in broken homes. My last two Stake Presidents in a row were raised by single mothers. Again not rationalizing just saying there seems to be lots of successful anecdotes.
  4. Um..yeah. Jesus was raised in a broken home, he had step-dad and half-brothers and sisters, but I think he'd make a pretty good husband. I don't find anything wrong with expressing caution, but hopefully we also teach our kids to look deeper.
  5. I absolutely count myself lucky. I just think there is hope. The irony is I literally did what Vort said, I specifically stopped dating a girl because she came from a broken home. Her mom was divorced and remarried 9 times. But I myself ended up divorced, I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up happily married. My hope lies in the anecdote and not the statistic. There was a time when I warned my kids not to date people who had been abused because of my own experience, but I'm glad my Mother didn't take that advise. I'm sure there were those who avoided knowing the Savior because by all appearances he came from a broken home.
  6. Divorced and remarried guy here. When I got divorced I got primary custody over our four children. I tried to do what I thought was the Christ-like thing and keep my ex updated and used to encourage the kids on holidays to reach out and acknowledge her. I've since remarried and it took 5-6 years to realize it's not my responsibility to maintain a relationship with my ex or to encourage my kids to keep in touch. I moved across the country and she could have easily followed and been a part of her kids lives. But she chose not to. I don't speak ill of my ex wife and listen with a sympathetic ear when the kids feel frustrated about their mom or step mom. It's not my responsibility to make sure anyone gets along. I don't correct anyone's feelings whether or not I think those feelings are are wrong or right. With my ex-wife I feel commanded to be kind but that does not mean an obligation to maintain some kind of relationship. My job is to simply love those who are placed in my path whether by my own choice or by the will of Heavenly Father. Regarding Children of divorce, I honestly think it really depends. They have an opportunity to see and experience, in a way, how a marriage can fail and take steps to ensure success in their own marriages. In my experience those who come from broken families are far from doomed. In my immediate family of 6 kids there are two divorces and in both divorces, myself and my brothers, the parties all came from intact homes. The four remaining marriages that are going strong all involve spouses that come from broken homes. This same trend extends to my cousins as well. The other two divorces were couples who came from intact homes. So I can't agree with yjacket. BTW, my Father was molested for years by his uncle. Nothing even close to that ever occurred in my family. Same with my ex wife, she was never inappropriate with our kids in anyway. Not so certain about the sins visiting on the heads of the children with that atonement thing getting in the way.
  7. Evidently this movie is upsetting all the right people (, anti-Israel leftists, etc..). I look forward to seeing it. I suspect it's as you say... a winner
  8. I really liked Texas. My wife did undergrad in Fort Worth. In a recent trip to Austin, I couldn't believe how many homeless there were though. I think overall Texas has the best food of any state hands down.
  9. After my mission I was a flight attendant for 4 years. While I mostly did international flights (Japan) I wasn't senior enough to hold a regular schedule so got pulled into fill allot of domestic flights. My experience lead me to firmly believe that if you look at a map of the last election, Electoral Map 2016, the red states are where you will generally find the most polite and kind people. I came to that conclusion far before I had a single political thought. I remember the cities I would try to avoid flying was San Francisco, New York (I lived in Manhattan a year and loved New York but New Yorkers make great neighbors and disgusting strangers) and sadly Seattle where I was based for 3 of those years and ended raising my kids for the next 14 years. I liked people from Utah but consistently found that my excitement at running into another member of the Church was never ever reciprocated. Even though I can understand being raised in an environment where most people are LDS might lessen the joy of finding a member somewhere I can't help but feel a little jaded that I'm treated like some weird grinning stranger, even though I'm a weird grinning stranger. Now I live in Florida with these other two (Anatess and Gaterboy). I kiteboard, surf and stand up paddle board so I love the access to the beaches. The more North you go in Florida, the more South you go, and people seem more friendly. I am moving soon to Stuart from Boca Raton and really glad to be moving away from the city of Ariana Grande. If you ever saw her "I hate America" doughnut licking epsiode this is typical how these privledged kids behave. My older kids survived (barely) and glad my youngest gets to go to a place where the kids are raised a little better. So yeah, Florida. Beaches, Disneyland, Universal Studios Harry Potter World (I love it but hate crowds so go maybe once every couple of years), Sunny skies, Mango trees, Jerk Chicken, beautiful diverse population, Republican Governor. I just got back from Portland, Oregon to see my sons debut concert, he who moved there with his band-mates from Florida. They love it. All of them work in the service industry and have PTSD from SE Florida. Whenever they see a man in a business suit they expect the worst and are always pleasantly surprised at how kind and human they are. Much love to the motherland! I'd move back there in a heart beat. The Gorge, Ocean, Mount it all.
  10. Evidently the BSA was made for man, and man not for the BSA.
  11. I've been enjoying movies that were made before I was born so I looked up some top classics and added them to my collection.( Singing in the Rain - Really entertaining and my kids put down what they were doing and watched it. I told them the girl was Princess Lea's mom and they thought that was cool. Rear View Window - I've seen the remake and even though I knew the story line it still made me very anxious. Grace Kelly literally took my breath away in one of the scenes where Jimmy Stewart wakes up to her face. She is stunning and it's weird that modern movies and movies stars just don't have that affect on me. (I ended up picking up Dial M for Murder, Vertigo, North by Northwest, and Psycho and look forward to watching them) Giant - I enjoyed this movie, the story really pulls you in. I really liked the character that Elizabeth Taylor plays. The Searchers - I think it's become my favorite western of all time. This movie had me feeling tense and also had moments where I laughed out loud, which I normally don't do. Great movie. Beautifully transferred to digital (HD). What are your favorite classics?
  12. I think you got some excellent advice. I have a few additional thoughts. First, There is a thing called financial seperation. I would definately look into that before considering divorce. I would read The Millionaire Next Door, and also one of Dave Ramseys book together with her. The Millionaire Next Door, makes a great case for the need to cut the financial strings to kids. It also outlines ways to help them financially without destroying them. Your wife is destroying them. The reason why Bill Gates has said several times publicly he is not going to leave one penny to his kids isn't because he hates his kids it's because he loves them.
  13. I've always been a big fan but I haven't seen all his movies. I really liked all the characters in this one. The grandma and old Indian were hilarious.
  14. The Outlaw Josey Wales by Clint Eastwood. I put that one in my top westerns of all time category.
  15. Deacons Quorum Adviser and Assistant Scout Master.