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  1. Mr. Peabody and Sherman. One of my favorites. My brother saw that last night, everyone stood up and clapped at the end.
  2. Disney Patriots or colts?
  3. I thought so, I'm leaning towards those ones, sense they are based off of "Disney" movies.
  4. I've been searching for a good, clean manga for a while now with no success. However, I'm thinking about starting the Studio Ghibli type ones, like Spirited Away, Howl's moving castle, ect. Are they good, clean? If you have any favorites, post away!
  5. Sorry for late posts and all, but, does it make it a sin to play that Zelda game if some things in it give me "bad" feelings.?
  6. Here's the wiki page, I'm concerned about this: "Due to the fact that Viz Media published these mangas within their Viz Kids divison, certain scenes were removed as a form of censorship within their translations." Does that mean they weren't originally intended for young audiences? Different countries have different standards for what's appropriate for children, but, the rating for these mangas are 9 to 12 on amazon so..
  7. Pikmin got stolen. And it depresses me.
  8. Here's the link to one of them: It looks pretty real to me. I don't think somone could sell the story in book form without getting sued. Also, It's at my local library, not sure if fan content could be in the library..?
  9. Hmm, maybe my sister who says she not bothered by the Zoras can play those parts or whatever? I'm mean, I might still see them but I can just leave on those parts. As a big geek for Zelda games, this is a very hard choice to make.
  10. Hey has anyone read the Zelda mangas? I didn't even know about them until today but, I'm pretty sure they probably still have suggestive figures(aka The great fairy, zoras, whatnot.) Is there any without that? (I'm guessing no one has read this anyways.
  11. Yeah basically. I picked up Chronicles of Prydain on Saturday.
  12. I'm at the end of Skyward sword(Funeral music) Is there any other Zelda games that are appropriate? Ocarina of Time I don't think is perfectly appropriate But what about Majora's Mask?
  13. No I haven't, Good advice. Can you guy sorta of tell a little about some of the books?