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Found 3 results

  1. Hey there, My husband and I have been married for just over a month now. He is not a member, but he has set a baptism goal date, which is such a big deal! He was so against being a member but has come around. However, he often doesn't want to come with me to church and tonight we have a ward activity that I have been looking forward to for over a month. I thought he was excited for it, too, but he's skipping out. I'm going to go alone but we're new in our ward and have only had the opportunity to go to meetings twice because of the Ogden temple dedication and then General Conference. I know a couple of people, but I'm nervous to go alone. I'm not an introvert, but I feel so much more comfortable not walking in alone or knowing I have someone to talk to always if conversations fall short. Even with his baptism coming up, I have a feeling that I'll be going to church and activities by myself a lot of the time. I hate having to explain to everyone why he isn't with me. Is there any advice you can give me? Because church is worth it to me to go, even by myself. However, if there are any tips you can give me to help with the uneasiness or the loneliness of going alone, I'd appreciate it.
  2. Recent convert here, 20 years old, who joined the Church less than a month ago. Anyway the title is what it is I feel lonely without a girlfriend. Everyone I know LDS or not LDS ( I live in Utah County) is either getting married or is in a relationship with a special someone. I actually came into contact with the Church through a girl and we dated from October to February. I did kind of join the Church for her however we broke up as she didn't want a relationship and left for out of state in June and will come back next July/August. I write her letters to show her how much I care about her and we might date when she comes back but it would be a whole other year. Which is where I get to my point about how I feel really alone without a girlfriend. I go to a YSA Ward but haven't been able to go to any of the activities that much due to school and work. I just feel really alone and isolated, I have major depression, social anxiety disorder, and am bipolar so my conditions could be why I feel alone. I just hate seeing couples at church amd wish I could be that happy. I'd discuss more cause my life ismt that good but I dont want this post to be a novel. I just decided to post this because it feels good to talk to other people about. Does anyone have any tips or advice for me maybe?
  3. Hi, I am personally struggling with something I try hard not to show. I do my best to keep it together, but sometimes it consumes me. I am in my mid 20 and have been with my spouse from the time of first date to now for several years, but less than 10 total. We are temple married and do have children. All of my life I have yearned for and craved deep physical affection and closeness. I am coming to realize that it's not been possible for my spouse to show me this kind of attention and it really hurts. I know it's not all about me and my children and others are important, but I am struggling to keep this inside. I hear of others that get this kind of attention from their wife/ husband and it bothers me a lot. It's like I can literally feel my heart aching and wanting more. I do express this need in a way that won't hurt his feelings and he just laughs it off and makes everything a joke. We do have sex, that is not the problem, but the lack of deep emotional connection is. He might not need that, but I do so badly. Maybe I am more of a passionate person than he is, but shouldn't he be trying to meet my needs as I do his? It bothers me to the point that sometimes my mind wanders down paths that it probably shouldn't, but I literally feel like a plant that is getting plenty of water, but left in the dark and just wants to bask in the warm sunshine to grow and bloom. I always think back to the fact that most of my life I grew up without a father figure and wonder if maybe that's why I seem to crave this affection and attention?! Maybe not, but it's always in the back of my mind. I will be out and about and see a guy that is slightly older than me and attractive and just think in my mind, " I wonder if he would give me the attention I feel like I deserve?" I know this isn't right and sounds slightly crazy but it is the truth. I do love my husband and we have faced some challenges in our marriage and had to spend time apart before that was beyond both of our control for his work. I get even worse during these times. I just feel like things are just on his terms and my needs will always be second. I have experienced closeness like this with past boyfriends so I kind of know what it is that I am missing and it's a lot for my heart to handle. I have spent many nights with tears down my face and my heart in prayer to my Heavenly Father...I normally just get over it in the morning and spend my time and energy in service to others and my children. Any advice on this situation would be appreciated.