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  1. I am more concerned about the way he chooses to respond to all of this. You mentioned "my husband has often said that if the shoe was on the other foot, and I had texted a guy I had had an emotional affair years ago with, he would just laugh it off." If that's true, I find it heartbreaking and the only reason he is saying this, it is because he has been unfaithful. He is basically saying you are making a big deal about it when it is not. And if this is the way he sees it, it means he has not taken responsibility for what he did and does not feel remorse in the least. Again, this is not about the emotional affair but the way he is choosing to respond: By lying, disrespecting you and making you feel like all of this is not a big deal. And when a person doesn't feel remorse at all, guess what happens? He/she might do it again. The question is: What will you do about it?
  2. Suzie

    What’s the last movie you watched?

    Harriet. Excellent film and story.
  3. Not necessarily. FWIW, in my very limited opinion (based on what you wrote) there are two main possibilities. One, as it was mentioned here before... mental health related issues (if this is the case, he needs to get professional help ASAP). I tend to lean towards the other possibility that something indeed happened after his second year, something serious and it is causing him to behave this way. As someone mentioned before, it will take a while for him to feel that he can trust with whatever is bothering him and this is the reason why it is crucial at this time for him to KNOW that he is loved and that nothing will change that. I wish you and your entire family all the best.
  4. Suzie

    Secret Santa

    I am currently binge-watching these Secret Santa videos. There are many people out there struggling and yet keeping strong. This story (and her message at the end) touched my heart.
  5. Suzie

    Guaranteed Income Supplement

    @anatess2, I am confused. Not sure what you're talking about (you tagged me).
  6. Suzie

    Prince Andrew

    I don't get the fascination with the Royal family and whether or not baby Archie has red hair.
  7. @dddd I read your OP and it seems like everything was okay with you until you realized that she is at least 42 and it seems like you have a problem with this lady dating younger men. You ask if it is even any of your business and the answer is no, it is not. You are just disagreeing with her choices. If you don't want to give her rides, just politely decline. That's all.
  8. Suzie

    Necessary Thanksgiving Foods

    Even though we went Vegan some years ago, I was able to "veganize" your macaroni and cheese recipe (still one of my family's favorite dishes )We will be having Gardein crispy tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy, macaroni and cheese, green been casserole, corn, dinner rolls and Daiya New York cheezecake for dessert.
  9. Suzie

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    Well, knowledge can be dogmatic or critical in nature. Dogmatic knowledge for me is the acceptance of a particular set of beliefs without going through the process of rational/logical analysis or deconstruction but with a very important distinction: The person receiving it relies on the truthfulness of the storyteller. We have been believing in stories through dogmatic knowledge for centuries. In my view, Faith is based on dogmatic knowledge.
  10. Suzie

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    @Just_A_Guy @MarginOfError Some people think about Faith as blind and illogical without realizing that needs to be based in some sort of dogmatic knowledge, in other words Rational Faith. Over the years, I have seen how Faith and doubt are treated as direct enemies and it annoys me a little bit. Perhaps because in my personal experience my doubts have been a driving force to action, I cannot imagine my life without them and I’m very cognizant at the fact that they shouldn't diminish my Faith but fuel it. Doubt is without a doubt (sorry, I had to say it) a prerequisite to Faith and we should stop demonizing it. Having said that, I admit my doubts are not necessarily dogmatic in nature.
  11. Suzie

    Faith vs. Knowledge

    Well, what is your definition of knowledge within this context?
  12. I saw this at a client's house today. Definition of faith or definition of knowledge?
  13. Doubt it but if there are...maybe their wards are doing really well to actually have the time to be checking if women are wearing pants to Church. It is so silly, it is not even funny.