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  1. Are you all taking your vitamins? We’ve been told many changes are coming! 😊😉
  2. What ever happened with EA?
  3. My nature I am the most happy when I’m being productive. I’m not even marginally productive right now. Yes, this too shall pass but hopefully not like a kidney stone! 🤣
  4. @NeuroTypical thank you! I’m a Beatles Fan. 😊 Have you always had the same screen name? I joined eons ago (2003). My health issue is a little less than a month old and I’m under doctors care, but still sick and it’s getting to me. Today was my breaking point I guess.
  5. It’s wonderful to see old friends are still here! ❤️
  6. Gosh, it’s been awhile! You have another new name for the group! 😁 Can I get some updates to what’s been happening lately? Also, I’m here because I need some prayers if that’s allowed? 🤷‍♀️ Here goes.. Hi Guys, without going into depth, I’m going on many weeks of health issues and feel like am not improving. I’m not looking any personal attention, or friends and family to panic, and so I’m not saying anything to people who really “know me”. I’m quite private really, but if you have a minute to say a quick prayer 🙏 I’d appreciate it. I believe just a few faithful prayers will make a difference. Thank you.
  7. SF where are you?

    1. StrawberryFields


      Here I am! Where are you my friend! 🥰

    2. StrawberryFields


      I just sent you a text if your number is the same! 🥳🤣

  8. IGGY!!! I have missed you as well! You are such a sweet friend! How ow do you do all of those cute things? I had not been here for about a year. Will I stay? Time will only tell. ?
  9. At one of our Family Christmas Parties, we always have Spam and Cheese Sandwiches. Spam sent through a grinder. Cheese shredded. Mix together then placed on top of hamburger buns and toasted. I only indulge in this delicacy at this one party, but if we did not serve these I think we would witness an uprising of the worst kind! ?
  10. My husband and I took two of our granddaughters to see Storks after the suggestion of our son. The girls ages are 4 and 7. The movie was seriously promoted on the kids TV Channels and the oldest was especially excited. Things were going well until the wolf pack arrived. The 7 year old has a history of nightmares and she was terrified. I created a shield for her and she experienced no nightmares following this movie. How I wish that there were children's movies created without villains. If they must have a villain maybe there could be a new rating such as rated G-v for villain? just my thoughts.
  11. Eee Gads! It's worse than I first thought!
  12. Hello Everyone, I am am hoping to find some clarification from my friends here. The Mormon Mafia. I understand it's relation to the church. What I don't understand is how it's being tagged to a certain political candidate. Can anyone advise?
  13. With both of my parents having passed away in the last 13 years, I am grateful that they choose to be buried. They have a permanent marker (headstone) with very pertinent information listed. I have been a huge fan of a sight called Find A Grave. It's a great way to link family members together as a form of family history. I believe dates handwritten over time has a margin of error, where dates in stone are more accurate. That being said, I am currently thinking of being cremated and having my ashes sprinkled along The Emerald Coast. Thus returning me to my previous life as a mermaid. ? I have yet to have this put in formal writing for fear of being committed. My dear mother in law actually cringes when I say something like this. Maybe I should ask my children how they will feel about me being cremated. I know that even if they say it is okay, I will choose to be buried along with my husband if that is his choice. ? When my mother had passed away it was pretty sudden. I didn't have the chance to adjust to the concept of her being gone and I was unable to help dress her. When my father passed 5 years later, I was much more prepared and was able to help dress him with the help of my husband. It was very beautiful to give him one last gift of service. Both of my parents look very realistic in their caskets, very peaceful. Just recently, I attended the funeral of my fathers best friend. He was in the casket for a viewing, then cremated instead of being buried. Maybe a good alternative?