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  1. It is true, the number of jobs that offer them are shrinking. It's important that when you do find one, you gather all the resources you need to land the position. However what you say IS true and you have to keep your eyes and ears open for them.
  2. Who cares if they wear pants. If their local leader tells them it's okay then whatever. I don't remember the last time being bothered by a sister wearing pants. I honestly don't even remember seeing someone wearing pants... like ever. Being of Jewish descent I sometimes like to grow out my locks and beard. I think it is interesting how temple workers and missionaries can't wear beards or longer hair (as males). Especially since there are a ton of paintings with the Lord WEARING A BEARD. They asked us not to, so I am going to just comply. If I ever get asked to serve in the Temple I will make sure I am within the standards. I could make a stink out of and ask them to ask the Lord to change His mind BUT I am just not that interested. It's not a big deal to ME.
  3. I would recommend going big and getting a job with a company that offers a pension plan. That's if you don't want to run your own successful business. If a 401k is all you got then do your best to save more on the side. You can do Roth IRAs or some other form of investing. Put your money to work for you. Even with a pension you can look for ways to grow your money that is low risk.
  4. Oh my goodness. I can only imagine the hardship she will go through if she decides to take on a child on her own. If postpartum depression kicks in that baby is done for. I find it very hard to believe that she can't successfully be courted, YET wants to take on the responsibility of motherhood. Maybe take one step at a time. I understand that it can be frustrating being alone but I am sure she can find a mate if she changes up whatever she is doing now.
  5. @AkaPatience Hi, the answer is easy NO, he isn't worthy and if he blesses anything it will based off the faith of those being blessed to have the miracle work. He needs to go to the Bishop and make things right. Good on you for being your husband's keeper.
  6. Oh my goodness. Some of the sisters on this site are so addicted they are still here saying Mormonhub isn't social media x_x
  7. While I believe there are devils I also believe a lot of people are just choosing to be wicked. To blame (not saying this is you) the majority of bad choices on the sons of perdition is almost insulting. We are choosing to be wicked just as on the flip side when people are good we call them righteous. We don't mention the holy angels that protect them and influence them. I think people are just giving up and sin is easier than being righteous it seems. In this case marriage is starting to seem undesirable among the wicked, as wicked people also seem to let each other down.
  8. Something weird is happening to our men. I imagine you are from the US? I am interested to see what this conference will bring.
  9. The church has not defined a specific set of workout activities that you can or cannot take them off. My Bishop told me I could take them off during sports. I asked him if I could keep them on and he said "of course". You accusing me of being misleading is inappropriate and you owe me an apology.
  10. I understand that you are talking about emotional connection. I am referring to lusting after a woman's body; whether you want to be emotionally connected to her has nothing to do with you looking at her flesh and masturbating. It is still lusting.
  11. That's random. Are you saying I am angry or are you saying it is severe?
  12. Approved by church leaders. You are not breaking your covenants by removing during exercise.
  13. I am pretty sure he said it was a form of adultery of the heart. I'd have to pull up the scripture
  14. Lol. I think she means looking upon a person to lust after them.
  15. @Opal Hi! You are authorized to take them off while exercising. My wife and I use ours 24/7 when we are romantic we simply wash up when we are ready and jump back in our armor. I love wearing mine and use them if not swimming. To me it's just what I like to do and yes even when I visit Arizona.
  16. @ByAThread Hello Such a heavy story. I am glad you are done with porn. I totally get where you are coming from (I think). Finding healthy ways to express your disappointment, loneliness, anger and rejection is the key here. So easy just to drink, porn binge, smoke, get lost in a book, eat, etc. When you are in crisis (no matter how brief or the size of crisis) Right now it is time for you to dig deep and push yourself to continue the healing process. Get back in shape, read more scriptures and spend more time with the kids. Right now your wife is hurt and she probably has her own problems she is dealing with but refuses to change because PORN (as if that justifies being horrible in return. It doesn't, at all) Take away her ammo and let her issues be revealed for what they are. STOP Sharing with people outside of a professional setting (you have us now too) honestly most members don't want to hear about your porn/masturbation sessions. Especially if you keep reporting that you messed up again and again and again. It's easy for people to assume that you just want someone to tell your porn escapades to instead of being truly interested in quitting. God hasn't abandoned you by the way. Only person God has ever withdrew from completely is Jesus (when on the cross) Everyone else chose to leave God or shut out His influence by making bad choices. He is there, He very much is watching over you. You just have to decide to let go of this bad habit for good. I really don't know what you are looking for at this moment. It sounds like you are beating this vice. Keep up the good work and show more love to Heavenly Father. He was there the whole time, you just couldn't feel Him because you were caked in filth and darkness. Also, stop being so hard on yourself, EVERYONE makes mistakes. *Just went back and read it again. Stop having high expectations for everyone else at church. You have to learn to be your own man. Find a positive hobby and become good at it. Stop seeking the approval of anyone else but God at the moment. Sounds like your wife is just throwing a fit. If you didn't commit physical adultery with another woman she honestly needs to get over your old porn addiction. Her bruised ego will heal in time. Also, try to put yourself in her shoes, imagine if every time she was mad at you or sad she went to go look at random naked men on the internet. That would get annoying and would be hurtful I imagine. Stay in your marriage and earn back her trust. If she decides not to forgive you then, of course, go from there. Pray always and believe you are being heard. If anything at all just know you were an average Male while you were looking at porn. Honestly, you were just as telestial as any other sinning gentile. Stop beating yourself up. As a Son of God you are not average, you hold yourself to a higher standard. Others hold you to a higher standard. It is our lot in life. We lead from the front not from the rear. In this battle of ideas and mortal agency, as a priesthood holder, you ARE the tip of the spear.
  17. I think I know what you are getting at. Here is something I noticed too: Often if the bishop doesn't do something criminal a lot of members say "He is called of God and inspired, even if you have a million things on your plate you should take the call he is extending (just one example) As soon as a bishop commits a crime "He used his agency for evil and is just a natural man like everyone else and deserves his punishment" Here is my take, if the Bishop asks you to do something that makes YOU uncomfortable review it in your mind and pray. If it then doesn't sit well take it to your stake President. If it is something criminal report immediately to your stake President and police. To answer the question, God knows all of us and our strengths and weaknesses. It us up to the leaders to prayerfully call members to callings. To be in tune with the spirit. Most of the times they get it right, sometimes they don't; they are mortal just like us. Sometimes people are worthy at the moment and the spirit gives the okay to call them, then they become unworthy after they receive the calling. It is up to them at that point to confess and go through the repentance process.
  18. Yes, Jesus was married and no, for this topic I will not elaborate or provide quotes. 😄
  19. Interesting description of this process. I suppose watching water boil and paint dry can fall into this category as well. Quite Well, I suppose a land mine and a cake have the same safety rating according to this train of thought.
  20. One of my unofficial hobbies is talking to people. Not only on the internet but in person. I like to listen and also tell them stories. I like to see their faces light up when they talk about themselves and I like to see the wheels turning when they listen to me share a story or random knowledge. Don't get me wrong, I need breaks too. I normally didn't room with a person I wanted to keep a long friendship with when I was single. EVERYONE gets annoying the longer you stay with them. Now that's not always a done deal. Sometimes it is manageable. Sometimes roommates can become an extension of your family, with the good and bad but with acquaintances it is easier to maintain short bursts of positivity spread out so you associate positive feelings in your mind about them. Just a couple of examples of relationships you can have. I once got in argument with my mailman. He was mad because I didn't answer my door fast enough (caught him as he was getting back in his mail mobile) he was an old retired military vet. He got all uppity but I stood my ground that could answer the door to whoever I wanted, at the speed I wanted. After that I would make sure to greet him with a smile even though he didn't respond at first. Eventually we became friends as he always delivered my packages. One day he was curious why I always got so much stuff and lucky for him it was jerky! I busted it open and we sat and ate it together. Lol. After that he'd deliver my stuff in lightning speed and if I ordered something shareable (like Utah truffles) he'd get some nice samples. People are priceless! Even more so extraordinary people; keeps hope alive when you run across one.
  21. Fun! Legos are awesome. I would recommend getting the Taj Mahal set, as it has been brought back for another season. It was selling for 1.5k+ before it was brought back. Get it while you can
  22. Vinegar and Coca Cola do the same thing only better and safer.