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    President Nelson vaccinated

    This can be interpreted in a number of different ways. Not once did President Nelson say to where masks or to get vaccinated. Basically, if members would just stay home when their sick, practice basic hygiene, and sneeze into their arm, that would help bring the numbers of any virus down. It is surprising, though, how many people don’t do that.
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    The Tolerance of the Church

    Not only that, but she was a fully OUT lesbian who was proudly advertising her lesbian "identity." What do you mean by “she was a fully OUT lesbian?” I cannot imagine the Church would allow anyone to promote SSA in the Temple.
  3. Jedi_Nephite

    Why Do Bad Things Happen To Good People?

    This reminds me of the movie “Signs.” For those who have not seen it, it’s about an alien invasion. However, the movie mainly takes place on a farm and is told from the perspective of a family that recently lost a mother who was killed by a driver who fell asleep at the wheel while she was out for a walk. The husband, who was a farmer and minister, was so angry with God that his wife had to die, that he divided God wasn’t real and abandoned his faith. Meanwhile, his son has asthma, and his daughter has a weird phobia about germs that causes her to constantly leave nearly full glasses of water all over the house. At some point in the movie, when it looks like the son is about to die from an asthma attack, it turns out that is the very thing that saves his life. The daughter’s germ phobia, as well as some some other things, also contribute to what saved everyone. Basically, the point the movie makes is that God has a purpose to our afflictions that we don’t understand.
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    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    I’m thinking of going with the Icom 718, but what I find somewhat confusing is what I need to purchase along with it or any base station (other than the antenna), and it’s rather difficult to find straightforward answers online. What is typically required for a base station if you want to do HF? Is an antenna tuner necessary? Many videos I see seem to have their radios connected to watt meters and power supplies or batteries. Is that really necessary for base stations or just for mobile rigs? I’ve also read that you can sometimes connect the radio to the outlet of your house, but I’m not sure if that’s typical practice. I currently have my Technician License, but am preparing for my General, which I will probably take in a week or two.
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    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    @classylady After reading your post, my initial response was this:
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    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    So, I’m interested in getting on the HF bands. However, as I decide on either a base station or mobile radio, I realize I’m going to have to get an antenna. What antennas do any of you use to get on the HF bands? Furthermore, how did you set it up?
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    Quantum stuff is scary

  8. Jedi_Nephite

    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    Well, I passed the Technician’s exam yesterday. I ordered a Yaseu FT-60r along with a Diamond exchangeable antenna. I plan on getting an Icom for our base station, but I’m taking more time with that as I research what I need, and how I want to set it up.
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    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    I was thinking of getting a Yaesu. What model do you have?
  10. Jedi_Nephite

    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    Mainly, I would like to use it as part of my emergency preparedness plan. Ideally, I would like to be able to communicate with my family that’s about 200 miles away; however, they will need to get their license if we are to communicate with each other, but, if not, at least I would be able to relay information to them. But I also find this fun and interesting, so I can see this turning into a hobby. I’m interested in DX and digital, and definitely repeater use. Unless I’m flying to client sites, I usually just work from home, so I don’t usually have a commute, but I like the idea of using a handheld with a mag mount and car antenna. How far have you been able to reach with a handheld? And what kind of handheld do you prefer?
  11. Jedi_Nephite

    Passed the Technician Class test for Ham Radio today

    I’ve been preparing for the Technician exam and will be taking it this week. I’m still looking into a good radio. I’ve been thinking of starting out with a high-end handheld with a good antenna and then getting a base station. For those who have been doing ham radio for a while, is there a specific brand/model of radio that you prefer? Do you use a handheld or base station, or both?
  12. Collectively, when you associate with like-minded individuals who are striving toward righteousness, you have others who understand why you live the way you do, and will be a source of support and encouragement. That is why it’s essential to marry someone with the same spiritual/religious goals. Attending the temple where every member there is 100% worthy to be there instead of being in a temple where 5% or so are not worthy to be there Why would attending the temple with a group result in more worthy members in attendance, as opposed to attending the temple alone? Everyone still has to go through the same process to receive a Temple Recommend.
  13. If only Antifa and BLM would heed the wisdom of the First Presidency.
  14. The media is lying. They are trying to say it was stormed by Trump supporters, but the evidence is that it was instigated by Antifa, and the violence was caused by them as well.
  15. Jedi_Nephite

    Anyone Else Watching The Mandalorian?

    Actually, I think both interpretations are correct. Jesus appreciated the innocence of little children and taught that we should be like them. However, not sure how that would apply to Grogu as he is over 50 years old, thus making him at the age of accountability.
  16. Jedi_Nephite

    Anyone Else Watching The Mandalorian?

  17. Here is an interesting and relevant talk by Ezra Taft Benson: “Civic Standards for the Faithful Saints“
  18. Jedi_Nephite

    Anyone Else Watching The Mandalorian?

    My understanding is that season 3 of The Mandalorian will most likely continue around Christmas 2021. However, you are right that it will most likely focus on retaking Mandalore, and that, at least for now, Grogu’s story is complete.
  19. Jedi_Nephite

    Anyone Else Watching The Mandalorian?

    The Mandalorian is excellent. My wife and I look forward to watching it together every week after we put the kids to bed; it has that classic trilogy flavor. I keep referring to the little Yoda character as “Grogurt” and it drives my wife crazy. Over Thanksgiving weekend, I introduced my oldest brother to The Mandalorian, and now he’s hooked.
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    The second coming is in March

    If the Second Coming is to happen in March, does that mean I don’t have to worry about replacing my septic tank?
  21. Jedi_Nephite

    Conference October 3-4, 2020

    I’m pretty sure he was talking about the riots that have been happening and are happening now. When everything was shutdown, did you see the conservative crowd riot? No. We protested peacefully. And if the election is stolen, I don’t imagine the conservatives would riot, because we don’t riot. If we were to take our country back due to a stolen election, we wouldn’t riot businesses and homes. That’s not how we do things. I don’t believe he was talking to the conservative crowd. He was talking to members of the church who have been in support of the rioting.
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    Push for Utah to mandate statewide mask wearing

    I have a Glock, but would like a Smith and Wesson.
  23. Jedi_Nephite

    Liberals in the Church

    Of course there is corruption on both sides, hence the term RINO. But, let’s get real here. Conservatives are not the ones calling for abortion, inciting racial division, taxing everyone into poverty, pushing homosexuality, pedophilia, and transgender ideas as normal, nor are conservatives trying to remove God from society, nor are they trying to strip the free world of its God-given rights. However, liberals, do support these things. We’re also not talking about what would supposedly happen if they were grouped together on some island together. We are talking about what is happening right here, right now, today. And honestly, you’re going to find corruption among any group of people, but which group would you rather find yourself stuck with on an island? A group of liberals or a group of conservatives? You are correct, politics has never been an answer to the world’s woes, but it has always been a problem ever since the War in Heaven. The same philosophies spouted by liberals today is basically the same philosophies spouted by Satan and his followers then. The truth is, in this world, you cannot separate politics and religion, as one affects the other.