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  1. Same here. It’s also the same for my kids. The only difference is that the teachers send out a list of supplies for us to buy, whereas, when I was a kid, we just kind of assumed what we would need.
  2. In my experience, “handing over our burdens” doesn’t necessarily mean we stop worrying about it, but that once we have done our part in resolving our burdens, we can turn it over to the Lord and trust that He will handle the rest.
  3. No, but I’ve driven through there if that counts.
  4. Yes, you can. We decided on Nauvoo, as it was roughly half the distance between where our parents lived. And, of course, the historical significance made it all the more enticing. *I also just realized I misspelled Nauvoo in my previous post. Shame on me. 🙄
  5. Navoo is great. My wife and I were sealed in the Navoo Temple 12 years ago this month. We haven’t had a chance to go back and visit since then, but hope to soon.
  6. I’m against all those points, including background checks. “Shall not be infringed” was put there for an important reason.
  7. I disagree. There is nothing Trump could have done to close the divide, as the Democrats simply don’t want it. The reason the there is such a divide is because division is what the left thrives on. The other reason is because the right and left in America no longer are two opposing sides with the same goal. The right wants to save the United States and protect our constitution. The left wants to destroy the United States, shred the constitution, take down all of our traditions and values, and everything that made this nation great, and turn it into a third world country. Personally, the fact that Trump made Jokes about the left, and called them out for their ridiculous antics and ideas, is something I really liked about him. I thought it was about time we had someone in Office who was willing to call it like it was, and pull no punches. No more of this “touchy/feely, reach across the aisle” garbage. He was dealing with a party of petulant children, and he treated them as such.
  8. Thank you for that explanation. Yeah, I promptly deleted the text after I received it. What you said leans more towards what I was thinking. The only thing that doesn’t make sense, though, is that if it was someone else who hacked his phone, how would they send it to two phone numbers he would have no way of having on his phone? That’s the part we really can’t understand.
  9. Thanks. But what I’m really trying to ask is whether it is possible to send a text from a landline number, and how likely that would be given the other factors I listed. We are trying to make sense of the situation, and need to understand it. If this individual in question sent this text, then it is an indication of his current state of mind. I didn’t open any attachments. The pictures just appeared, just like when someone sends a photo via text message.
  10. I had something happen last week that I thought someone here might be able to help shed some light on. First, let me provide some background information. I have an in-law who has been struggling spiritually over the last several years. It’s a long story, but my wife and I started to see the signs, as his personality started to change towards us, as well as other members of the family. It got to the point where we had to stop talking to him, as he would just get argumentative, even when we agreed with him. We also recently discovered that he hasn’t been going to church for two years. Now, even though we avoided having long conversations with him, we still tried to reach out to him from time to time. But he would just ignore us, that is, until a couple of weeks ago when my wife (and her sister) received a text from him, claiming that he was leaving the church. Now, for very specific reasons, we haven’t responded to that text nor has my wife’s sister. It is also important to note that this individual has a degree in programming. When my wife talked to her sister about this recent text, she warned her not to open any attachments that he sends. Apparently, a few months ago, he sent her a virus with spyware on it. She and her husband have reasons to believe this was intentional. Fast forward to last Thursday afternoon. I received a group text. In the brief pop-up notification, I see my brother’s name, as well as the name of this individual included in the names of the recipients of the text. I assumed it was a family group text, though I thought it was strange that both my brother and this individual would be part of the same group text, as they have never met each other. However, when I opened the text, it turned out to be nothing but trash, to put it mildly. I won’t go into too much detail, except to say that there were two pictures included. The first picture was a strange picture of this individual (not necessarily inappropriate, just strange looking) but that picture was followed by a pornographic image. What’s particularly strange about this is that, two of the numbers included in this group text are numbers he shouldn’t have had, as they no one would have given him those numbers. Additionally, one of the other numbers was my wife’s old cell phone number from over a decade ago. Yet, he knows her current phone number. Two or three of the numbers were not numbers either of us recognized. And one of the numbers was the phone number of this individual, as if he was one of the recipients of the text. The number that actually sent the text was not a number we recognized; it was also a landline. However, the first picture was clearly a headshot of him. As such, we’re not sure if he sent this text or not. Too many things just don’t make sense. If he sent it, why would he include my wife’s old number? How did he send it from a different number, not to mention a landline? How would he have the phone numbers of people that he has never met and who never gave it to him? If it wasn’t him, how was there a picture of him in the text? Any thoughts?
  11. My brother drove down with his wife and son yesterday. Since he also passed his General, but doesn’t have an HF radio yet, I invited him to try and make some contacts on my Icom IC-718. I made four contacts. He made six. All of my contacts were stateside, but he was able to make one in Canada. We could hear a couple of QSOs in Rome and Germany very clearly, but, unfortunately, were not able to get through the pileup.
  12. Wow! You passed all three in one night? That’s impressive, especially for passing the Extra exam.
  13. Well, as a point of doctrine, we believe that there are worlds without number out there with human life on it, going through similar trials and struggles that we experience here on Earth. I doubt we will ever make contact with any of those worlds, but, if we did, it wouldn’t challenge my belief system. It would surprise me, but it wouldn’t challenge it any. Now, if they evolved from another creature, that would take some prayer to understand what all of that would means and how that fits into the Gospel. I would especially have to pray for understanding if they were “three-story tall transforming robots.”
  14. Actually, what I’m referring to is not something that takes place on the radio, but, rather, a convention where ham radio enthusiasts gather together to talk about ham radio, have contests, give presentations, sell equipment, et cetera.
  15. True, in fact, I heard a lady on the 20m band sending QSOs last week. As for me, I made my first HF contact with someone from South Dakota responding to my CQ. By the way, has anyone ever attended a hamfest, or ham radio convention? My brother and I were thinking of going to one, but not really sure what goes on there.
  16. Well, is rising inflation really a surprise to anyone with Administer Biden in charge? If people want to have low inflation, high employment with good wages, and stocked shelves, they need to stop electing people whose goals are to fundamentally destroy the Constitution of the United States (Albeit, Biden was not elected, as he clearly stole the election, but that’s another topic for another time). Still, though, people need to stop electing candidates that are pushing communist/socialist ideals. Also, vote for strong candidates even if their tweets sound “mean.”
  17. Well, last week I passed my General license exam. This is exciting, as I can now transmit on the HF bands. I’ve also gotten one of my older brothers excited about ham radio. He got his Technician license about a month after I did and will be testing for the General this week.
  18. My understanding has always been that those in the higher kingdoms can visit those in the lower kingdoms.
  19. Yes, that’s why I asked here. Most people who post questions are aware of Google, and use Google, but are looking for suggestions from those who have experience.
  20. It looks like they based that list on an Internet rumor that was later debunked. For example, Aspirin was discovered in 1853, over a hundred years before HEK-293 was available to researchers, which wasn’t discovered until 1977. The same is true for Ibuprofen, which was discovered in 1961.
  21. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to store wheat?
  22. Polygamy or not, it would still be my responsibility to take out the trash.
  23. Social distancing Irregardless (it’s regardless, not irregardless) “Reach out” as in, “I’ll reach out to the offshore team to review the test scenarios.” - Why can’t we just say “contact?” “Table it for now” - Just say, “Let’s come back to that later.” ”Let’s circle back later” - See above.
  24. I think it’s been hanging by a thread for quite a while now. I think the question is how much thread is left for it to hang by?