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  1. Kristie Alley, RIP.
  2. I appreciate your confidence but take my word on this: I’m awful at fishing. Some people go days without catching anything, I go seasons. I eventually just gave up because I realized that it was hopeless.
  3. Fly fishing is like the major leagues of fishing. Way, way beyond my ability, that’s for sure. I used to enjoy regular, basic fishing but I’m awful at it.
  4. I hope not either. Like everyone on here knows, gun laws only stop law abiding citizens. Not criminals.
  5. Also slightly off topic- we all know that the swastika wasn’t originally based in hate. However it’s still an awful idea to use that symbol because it’s associated with Nazis. Did Kanye do something like that?
  6. Understand fully. Not that it matters but I have a hard time believing that any LDS member could be anti Semitic. I’m sure they exist but it’s not common. To the credit of the church, LDS aren't good at hating people. It’s against their nature.
  7. There are a two ways to look at this. One is to scream in horror that this kind of anti Semitic garbage exists. The other is to be thankful. Why? Because the outcry against Kanye is so severe and harsh that one could easily argue that being pro Hitler and anti Semitic destroys your career in seconds. As it should.
  8. And the first bishop* I ever met really was a great guy. Funny story-on our first get to know you guys meeting he offered us Reese’s Peanut butter cups. I said to him “I would have joined 20 years ago if I knew you handed out candy.” *out of the three bishops I’ve had, they have all been very nice guys. Just to be clear.
  9. Understand. My mom was never comfortable with my sister or I calling priests “Father Jeff” or whatever so I get what you are saying. We also did the thank you notes too growing up.
  10. The first bishop I ever met asked us to just call him by his first name. It was weird, but not that weird. Growing up I called many Catholic priests “Father Jeff” or whatever.
  11. I’m optimistic. Despite conservative pessimism (which I think is a good thing in theory) we are still a nation that has a nominal Christian faith. Time will tell of course.
  12. 100% certain this will happen. However, recent rulings have been favorable to religious rights, so it’s hardly a slam dunk for the hypothetical gay couple.
  13. one of the singers from Fleetwood Mac passed away.