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    Zoramites and Korihor

    If I despise the sinful and wicked because of their fallen state, then I am a hypocrite. But if I consider them as a deadly poison threatening to murder my loved ones, and I see their attempts to destroy society and replace it with open wickedness, how is it wrong for me to marshal all the evidence, argumentation, and logic I can to meet that threat? Is merely pointing out "these are wicked people advocating evil" wrong?
  2. Vort

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    The Vikings notoriously raped and pillaged for centuries up and down Ireland's western coast, and were not shy about kidnapping slaves (and wives). There's a fair amount of Irish blood in present-day Iceland.
  3. Vort

    Celebrity Doppelganger

    They say that George Washington may have been the father of America, but Ben Franklin fathered more Americans. It's like they say: The Vikings weren't French or English, but the French and English are Vikings. Or as a Mongolian noted, "Mongolians aren't east Asians, but east Asians are all a little bit Mongolian."
  4. Vort

    Taking Odds on the Election

    I originally wrote the following, posting the comic at the end as a "by the way". For some reason, only the comic strip scan got posted. ************************************************ The bread and butter of modern engineering is the reuse of standardized components. That is why "software engineering" was sneered at by "real" engineers for years; everything is a unique write-up. I think most today see that's no longer the case, if it ever was after the earliest days of coding. But there is confidence in using tried-and-true pieces. Safety skyrockets. Reminds me of this comic I read in an IEEE newspaper-type publication about 22 years ago, and cut out to decorate my office space (but has been sitting in my garage window for many years now).
  5. Vort

    Zoramites and Korihor

    Not sure what you mean. How do charity and humility prevent false paradigms? I agree, bad actors can repent. Thank God for that, or we would all be lost. But as long as the bad action continues, are we not required to identify it for what it is? Turning a blind eye to sin and wickedness is no way to help either society or the sinner himself.
  6. Vort

    Apartment Hunting

    This is a true statement. It is also a true statement that most women in our culture seem to prefer men with shaven faces. But yet another true statement is that some women like facial hair. It should also be recognized that a woman can be attracted to a man in spite of his facial hair, and can grow (no pun intended) to accept and even appreciate it. But I agree, if your goal is to find a mate and if most potential mates don't like your beard, then the razor is probably the wise choice.
  7. Vort

    Zoramites and Korihor

    Your words are true, but I suspect they lead to a false paradigm. It sounds like you're saying "Both sides are to blame." This is true in the sense that the guy who drives unsafely and the guy who forcibly rapes women both contribute to the ills of society. But that observation obscures the fact that one of the actors is fundamentally, orders-of-magnitude worse than the other. I could spend all day listing out the hypocrisies and outright lies told and done by the Republican Party and even by conservatives in general. But to pretend that that's somehow equivalent to the evils perpetrated on a daily, even hourly, basis by the Democrat Party and the political left is an unabashed falsehood. I think that recognizing and honestly dealing with the failings of "your side" is a worthy exercise, one that is needed for any healthy, moral person or society. But to build false equivalencies between two sides is to doom us to utter failure. I have seen this sort of thing happening for at least half my life, and I'm sure it's been going on far longer than that. It is what has brought us to this point.
  8. Vort

    Desire to read scriptures

    I have heard this advice throughout my life. Many friends have extolled the virtues of topical study. Personally, I have found it occasionally useful, but on the whole not ideal for my own personal scripture study. Here are my thoughts on the matter, in case anyone cares. Most scriptures are not like the book of Proverbs, a random collection of insightful sayings and folk wisdom. Rather, there is almost always a local ordered temporal structure to what's written. By "local ordered temporal structure", I mean that the scriptural narrative in that book or at least chapter of scripture unfolds like a story, like watching a movie: First A happened, then B, followed by C. If you're reading here and there, back and forth, doing a topical study, these time-ordered sequences can become invisible. The Book of Mormon is the most obvious example. From Nephi's first chapter to Moroni's farewell, knowing the sequence of things that happen, and not merely the happenings themselves, is vital to understanding the scripture and its message. Sure, it's possible to profit from a topical study of the Book of Mormon. But that book of scripture was meant to be read front to back. It unfolds as a narrative, almost a novel written in the first person by Nephi, Mormon, and others. So while I would not discourage anyone from using topical study as a way to study the Book of Mormon, I would suggest that topical study is better used as an adjunct to study than as the primary method. It's not just the Book of Mormon; the Bible is often much the same. The entire book of Genesis, indeed most of the first five Biblical "books of Moses", are like this. So are the Old Testament histories (Samuel, Kings, Chronicles). Within the books of the prophets, each book or prophet tends to be temporally ordered, too. In the New Testament, each gospel tends to go from Christ's birth (or even before) chronologically through his calling, his ministry, his atoning sacrifice, his death, and his resurrection. The book of Acts is obviously a time-ordered history. Not so much with the apostles' epistles or the book of Revelation. Similarly, the Doctrine and Covenants is most easily understood if you know the background of what happened and how things unfolded. The sections are mostly arranged chronologically. But we tend to use the Doctrine and Covenants as a sort of reference manual, so that temporal flow is often overlooked. So topical study certainly has its place. If you're finding scripture study difficult to start, maybe a good topical study of doctrines of interest is the way to go. But as a general rule, my experience is that front-to-back study is reliably the best way to go.
  9. https://www.foxnews.com/us/harvard-grad-blames-trump-supporters-after-stab-video-costs-her-deloitte-job?fbclid=IwAR2aGjNr6ynLyTOq3eSDGL_kaBy_yoSzPQ4kUUfAs6wAcKzZi_UAb4NYo-0
  10. Vort

    Temples And Protection

    NEWS FLASH List Member Occupying Space In Another List Member's Mind No rental terms released yet 5 July 2020 (THP)—Mister @priesthoodpower of ThirdHour revealed Sunday evening that he was "occupying space" in the mind of another list member. There was no indication of rental or other financial agreements, leading some to speculate that his occupation of the mind was "rent-free". priesthoodpower has not yet responded to this allegation, but informed sources suggest that this CHAZ-like squatting may be in retribution for the brain space others have taken rent-free in priesthoodpower's own mind through the years. priesthoodpower expressed regret for this unauthorized occupation, tearfully proclaiming, "My apologies for occupying space in his mind." He then went on to speculate about the ill effects of his extralegal occupation, worrying that "Dude must not sleep well at night." The identity of the victim of priesthoodpower's mental occupation was not explicitly identified. Most who are close to the situation suspect he is referring to @pam, who functions as the list custodian and behind-the-scenes disciplinarian. One unnamed source disputed this, saying that the use of the noun "Dude" and the pronoun "his" clearly suggest a male victim. The unnamed source was quickly condemned by all involved as a blatant sexist. Nevertheless, the possibility of a male victim, while distasteful, withstands scrutiny. Some have suggested that @Just_A_Guy is the victim of priesthoodpower's occupation, while others point to @MormonGator. A few even suggest that, in an ironic twist, @Carborendum himself lies at the center of the controversy. A second anonymous source named @anatess2 as the real occupyee. When it was pointed out that anatess was in fact female, the source responded, "Well, yeah, but she watches MMA."
  11. I suspect this is a minority viewpoint within LDS circles, but I completely agree with you, if for no other reason than that God is good and seeks to bless all. Those who remain filthy still and are cut off from God must surely be in that condition because that is what they choose.
  12. Vort

    Temples And Protection

    NEWS FLASH Notorious Blessingsist Proclaims That "Some People Are Better Than Others" "Virtue is not evenly distributed", infamous list member intimates 5 July 2020 (THP)—Early Sunday evening, Mister @Carborendum, long-time list member, was roundly excoriated for having implied that virtue was not evenly distributed among all living human beings. While not outright stating this, Carborendum claimed that "the true blessings and protection of the temple come from actual 'worship' while in the temple," an open dog whistle to the blessingsists. Going even further than this, Carborendum appeared to suggest quite openly that those who pay attention during temple sessions receive more benefits than those who sleep their way through. "I don't see why you would be arguing that to fall asleep during a session provides absolutely equal levels of benefits as someone who would be fully engaged during the process," Carborendum blustered upon cross-examination. Carborendum's tirade was interrupted by the cool rationality of Mister @priesthoodpower, who calmly observed, "Unless you are the one issuing out the blessings I think you shouldn't say who gets the 'true' blessings. This suggests that some people are better then others when everyone is at different levels and trying their best." Though priesthoodpower offered no actual evidence that "everyone is...trying their best," observers agreed that the statement is obviously true and practically a tautology. Carborendum has yet to respond, with rumors that he has gone into hiding to bury his shame and humiliation. This is a breaking story. THP will update as events progress.
  13. Forgiveness is freely available to all who will repent. Some people simply will not repent. They prefer to justify themselves and cling tightly to their pride. Damnation, it seems for some people, is well worth being able to say "I was right and you were wrong!" This seems a valuable lesson to learn, preferably by observation instead of by experience.
  14. I confess, I don't have the same sympathy for the guy. It's one thing to be a "major jerk" to an innocent girl while you preen your perverted self-esteem. It's wholly another thing to video the entire encounter and then put it up for public consumption as a way to signal your virtue to the world. This guy is not merely in the former camp, but in the latter. He chose his path, and I think it's completely just that he gets to live with the consequences. Think of what he was trying to do, not merely to Chik-Fil-A, but to the young woman he wrongly excoriated. I concede that I should feel pity toward the guy, but I don't. I don't claim any virtue for thinking as I do, because I'm not virtuous. I simply think that it could not have happened to a more deserving person.
  15. Vort

    So It Begins

    I think we all long to live in Zion. That desire is implanted and nurtured in us by the kingdom of God, aka the Restored Church. But I do believe as a philosophical p oint that we are living in the time and the situation when we can learn what we need to learn. In some ways, we are not yet fit to dwell in Zion. If we could magically be transported back to the Nephite era of 50-100 AD, we might be dismayed to find that we don't feel what we thought we would. Cultural issues aside (and I'm sure that's why SSV said "born in 50 AD" rather than "transported to 50 AD"), I suspect most or all of us have personal or spiritual or other issues that would keep us from enjoying that Zion as we should. Speaking for myself, I'm pretty confident I do. So maybe we really do belong where and when we are, and it's a merciful God working toward our ultimate benefit that has placed us in the here and now. That said, I share SSV's sentiment.
  16. Vort

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    Wait a minute. By definition, all diseases cause sickness, and almost all sometimes cause death. Yet we do not go to inordinate lengths to avoid catching diseases in general. We realize that diseases are an unavoidable part of life. We don't want to live our lives inside a plastic bubble, so we accept the risk inherent with living and breathing. In the very recent past, people would often expose their young children to the so-called childhood diseases to give them immunity. How is today fundamentally different from that? What happened to "flatten the curve"? A few months ago, we were all carefully lectured to so that we would understand that catching this infection was ultimately unavoidable. The whole "flatten the curve" effort was to keep so many people from catching it at once that the hospitals would be overrun and people who needed respirators would die without them. Right? Am I misremembering? Pretty sure I am not. And the curve has been flattened. So whence this terror of getting sick? If getting the flu were inevitable, and the alternative to getting the flu now were to sit at home as much as possible, always wear a mask whenever interacting in public, skip Church for months on end. and watch our economy go quickly to pot, then you bet I would intentionally go get the flu. Because it's inevitable. Remember? Inevitable. That means you're going to get it eventually. The only way to avoid that is to take outrageous precautions and seriously increase intrusive government intervention into our lives (and even that is doomed ultimately to failure). Over the decades and centuries, men have died in battle to preserve our freedoms. If we are so pathetically cowardly that we accept the loss of our liberties and the ravaging of our economy and of society itself in hopes of living a little longer than we otherwise might, then we deserve the slavery that will result. Yes, I think licking a toilet seat is stupid. What does that have to do with the general idea of "get sick, get over it, and increase the herd immunity so we can get back to living normally"?
  17. Vort

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    What are you talking about? I never said any such thing. Please answer my question.
  18. Vort

    BoM Is Abolitionist

    1. It may not be noble, but it's effective for any intelligent and honest person. Even if you don't like how the message is delivered, the message itself comes across loud and clear. And if that doesn't justify it, at least it explains it. Which is more than the anti-white racists can truthfully say. 2. Lack of nobility doesn't mean lack of intelligence. There is nothing "idiotic" about correctly demonstrating the dishonesty of a foolish political viewpoint. Again, this is not meant as a justification of the action, but calling it "idiotic" is simply untrue. 3. The original point still stands. Defining racism as the anti-white racists do is absurd. As one specific example, if you are going to crucify white people for having been racist in past generations, or even now, then if you are honest and just, you must: a. Crucify every other race for their past and current racist attitudes b. Exalt and honor white people, especially American white people, for having created the least implicitly racist society currently in existence. If the evil is to be recognized, so must the good. To do otherwise is unjust, especially when you are judging people as a group instead of as individuals. When was the last time you heard the media exalt "white people" as a group for the immense good they have accomplished in the world? It seems that every nonwhite scientist or actor or musician or schoolteacher is recognized for his/her accomplishments, including the accomplishment of being non-white. This is blatantly and unapologetically racist. So at least apply it equally.
  19. Vort

    BoM Is Abolitionist

    No, what you've been trying to get across is clear. Now it's you who is missing the point. The statement, however "nuanced", is absurd on its face. It would never be accepted if said about any other race or group. That's the point of those who say it "sarcastically". They are demonstrating the idiocy of the statement by taking the low-down, treacherous route of repeating it..
  20. Vort

    BoM Is Abolitionist

    The Korean is the most perfect creature ever to sanctify the earth with the imprint of his foot.
  21. Vort

    Church has issued a statement on Covid-19

    How is that dumb?
  22. Vort

    Victory Garden

    I do not. Did I mention that I'm the product of American public education?