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  1. Just in case anyone wants to measure the percentage.
  2. You mean like after a man has enter his 30's or has gotten married and has had decades of experience keeping his appetites and passions within the bounds the Lord has set? Sure. This goes back to what I wrote earlier. These lessons are generally aimed at teenagers or people in their early 20's who are learning to control their sexuality, not abuse it, and courting and wooing. For the latter case (the older young people), we've been taught that there are wheat and tares in the Church. Which are you attracting? For teenagers, responsible mentors (parents, leaders, etc) should come right out and say "There's a lot of power in the engine of a car. It will kill you. It will kill your friends. Any time your friends are driving I want you to live by this rule: You will do nothing that will distract the driver! -- You do not touch the radio unless the driver says you can. You do not control the temperature, the driver does. Pranks, surprises, and tomfoolery are all kinds of fun at home and in the parking lot, but on the road there is none of that." Each family may draw the line at a different place, but there will be a line drawn and it will be bright. I don't see why it should be any different for teenagers learning to steer through relationships and sexual power. Clear lines should be drawn and saints help each other, even in their youth.
  3. I don't believe I've had a lesson that included modesty in dress since I've left the YSA. I can think of a few times when modest speech (and modesty generally) has been included in lessons on humility. If others can relate to this, I would suppose it's because when we are young we benefit from having clear lines - particularly when they serve as barriers to chastity violations. By the time a person is 30 I guess we figure you understand the principles well enough that you no longer need lawyer by your side explaining where the standards come from.
  4. You started this thread lamenting that modesty in our lessons was reduced to "no cleavage - no tight clothes". Is this a concession that a focus in modest dress is proper in our lessons is proper and useful and you're just trying to understand the principle better? Or is this intended to show that the saints have a gap in our curriculum?
  5. I think you're correct that modesty as a principle is broken across multiple lessons. The more memorable ones are probably the ones tied to lessons on chastity and focus on modesty in dress, and as you say modesty in speech is incorporated into lessons on humility. I don't think it's a negative that the principle is taught across multiple lessons. If someone would like to read up on modesty as a holistic principle, the Gospel Topics article on modesty covers both speech and appearance, as does the True to the Faith entry. If I wanted to teach just a lesson on modesty, I would probably prepare one based on those entries. But I'd like to call attention to something here. In general, the lessons taught to our youth (where modesty frequently comes up) are not primarily about modesty. It is a secondary or tertiary principle (see here for young women, and here for young men). In the lessons I linked, the lesson is about keeping the law of chastity. In that context, a lesson aimed at teenage girls will include a caution about cleavage tight clothes. Given the larger context of chastity, they will be reminded that their bodies are holy and should be treated as such. And given the audience, they will be reminded that their sexuality is power and should not be abused. Similarly, a lesson to teenage boys includes a warning about "locker room talk". Given the larger context of chastity, they are taught that they behave themselves as sons of God and treat women like daughters of God. And given the audience, they are often told to look for young women who respect themselves and the young man enough not to play with fire (yes, I'm referring to cleavage and tight clothes here).I also think it's worth noting that young men are also taught that clothing standards apply to them, and it seems like they are also given a special focus on grooming. (I also recall President Hinckley accused the brethren in attendance at a priesthood session of conference of looking "shaggy" though I can't find it in the transcripts)
  6. Was there an episode where they joined the Klan or were these subversives just sneaking in white supremacy past the censors?
  7. Finally, a console worth getting!! I'm off to the nearest Radio Shack to pick one up. I hope they still have one in stock....
  8. Temple recommend? Is that the little card where they cut off a corner when you break one of the rules? Or did they stop doing that when we quit Scouting?
  9. Elder Holland is on PDF page 4 (print page 2).
  10. Hopefully this doesn't make me sound too much like a manipulative frat boy..... But whenever there's some friction between my wife and myself I remind her that I'm commanded to cleave her. Without fail she immediately prepositions me.
  11. I played with this idea based on the formula Jesus gave when passing keys to Peter. "Thou art Peter, and upon this rock...." etc. It shows up multiple times in the Doctrine and Covenants, but I could only get it to work for Joseph, Oliver, and Hyrum (but some seemed a bit stretched to me). And as a bonus, here's a Book of Mormon example I'm aware of articles describing Mormon's and Nephi's wordplay with "Nephi" for good and fair, but I don't think this passage has ever been showcased. I think @Vort may be on to something here. When the formula "thou art {name}" is used by the Lord, the first inclination should be to look to prominent historical examples - such as Joseph of Egypt who was chosen by God and shown tremendous mercy to the point that he became the salvation of his family ("thou wast chosen ... God is merciful"); and Hiram (Hyrum) who's skilled builders constructed David's palace and Solomon's temple ("build upon my rock"); and David who served Saul as a calming musician and then rose to be king over united Israel ("called to assist ... great shall be thy reward"); and even Nephi who spoke of the ocean making a path for them to travel to the promised land ("whatsoever ye shall seal on earth shall be sealed in heaven"). And where there is no precedent the name itself is the play - as in Peter and Oliver. I'm not fully sold on this, but as a model it's a better fit than what I had before.
  12. I think you just described the Grinch's backstory.
  13. Think not when you gather to Zion, Your troubles and trials are through, That nothing but comfort and pleasure Are waiting in Zion for you. No, no, 'tis designed as a furnace, All substance, all textures to try, To burn all the " wood, hay, and stubble, " The gold from the dross purify. Think not when you gather to Zion, That all will be holy and pure; That fraud and deception are banished, And confidence wholly secure. No, no, for the Lord our Redeemer Has said that the tares with the wheat Must grow till the great day of burning Shall render the harvest complete. Think not when you gather to Zion, The saints here have nothing to do But to look to your personal welfare, And always be comforting you. No, those who are faithful are doing What they find to do with their might; To gather the scattered of Israel They labor by day and by night. Think not when you gather to Zion, The prize and the victory won. Think not that the warfare is ended, The work of salvation is done. No, no, for the great prince of darkness A tenfold exertion will make, When he sees you go to the fountain, Where freely the truth you may take. -Eliza R. Snow
  14. Especially if he does a cover of Tupac's Air on a G-String. (or was that Biggie's?)
  15. Let’s talk about my safety. I’ve read some bad side-effects from tricking your body into believing it has COVID. If I don’t want the vaccine, what precautions are vaccinated people taking to keep from giving it to me?
  16. When discussing God's love, it's worth noting that it comes in different forms and varieties - some of which is universal and some is conditional. As for what we should teach our youth.... I had a YSA bishop once who gathered the men and women together for a talk about chastity. He spoke very plainly about the Church's standards and then shared the following: My first year as bishop I hemmed and hawed when I spoke on this subject. I don't do that anymore. I've spoken very plainly and directly. The reason is very simple. I've seen the heartache and hardship that follows when you break this law, and I love you too much to not warn you."
  17. "We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone" I remember a few discussions a while back where arguments were made in favor of allowing businesses to discriminate and let them face the market consequences (if any). Have any of you changed your position? Or did I misrepresent it? Or perhaps this example still fits in that philosophy?
  18. You were lucky that you didn't get invited. Blast that Brother Jones and his "bbq". It was just grilled hamburgers and hot dogs. Arrgg!
  19. Looks to me like right-shoulder-guy wears glasses. I think that may be a self-portrait. (dude's beard is in the mirror).
  20. My kids have been dusting off my old games and came across Portal. I remember it being good. It's better than I remembered.
  21. You would know better if they had been true Scotsmen.
  22. On a different (though related note), this highlights that regardless of whatever amount government sets for compensation the true minimum wage is always $0. If they had 300 employees, and the government says they get paid $4 more, in the end they now get paid $0.
  23. Would you support an amendment setting the number of seats for the Supreme Court? Should that number be held at 9 at it is today, or should it match the number of circuits?