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  1. I would get the renewal as a courtesy to the bishop. If everyone waits until the local temple is open again then there will be a backlog once it’s open. And again in 2 years. And if it doesn’t open until December you might have to wait for him to finish with tithing settlement and priesthood advancements.
  2. All well and good @pam, but gramps reminds us
  3. We’re heading up to Palmyra to not watch the Hill Cumorah Pageant. It’s my mom’s first time up here so we’ll hit the Smith houses and Sacred Grove, Palmyra Temple, Hill Cumorah, Alvin’s grave, and the Grandin Print Shop. And the Whitmer Farm and the Aaronic Priesthood Restoration site. Later in the summer I’m headed to Arizona to visit with my brother’s family.
  4. Allow me to be clearer. I was referring specifically to your racist neighbor that you expressed concern about. it seems there’s a strong faction here that believe you have nothing to worry about! By all means let him watch your kids for several hours a day. You should know you have nothing to be concerned about if your ideas and culture are truly better than his. Maybe later I’ll check to confirm, but I believe some of the “no sheltering” proponents here were among those offering condolences for your association with an open racist.
  5. How far are we prepared to take the “no sheltering” idea? Would it be best if we encouraged @Backroads’ neighbor to become a teacher?
  6. I have to thank Justice Scalia for explaining why this particular structure ensures the freedoms promised in the Bill of Rights.
  7. It's because Canada has better policies with regard to climate change.
  8. Isaiah's own son is the immediate fulfilment of this prophecy. I'll post arguments for it later tonight, but you can look at the parallels in chapters 7-9.
  9. In Jesus' day they didn't have raisin cookies disguised as chocolate chip* but they did have a few fig trees in full leaf before bearing fruit..... *citation needed
  10. In that case you might not want to use the dreaded "critical race theory" phrase. For starters (as you observed) it seems that those that accuse others of CRT sometimes use a different definition than their targets. And it's picked up such a negative connotation that is quickly denied. Isn't that how it typically goes? Academia coin a term and then lay people apply that label on some other group who don't appreciate outsiders classifying them? (Latter-day Saints are polytheists -no wait, henotheists; That church over there uses "replacement theology", and that's bad). Anyway, here in Loudoun County the superintendent didn't like all the hullaballoo around CRT so he released a statement making it very clear that it wasn't being used or taught. The rest of the letter focuses on the district's equity work. So if you're looking for a conversation, I would start there. Does your school or workplace have an equity problem? What steps are being taken to address it? What sort of training or framework is in place to support equity? What are the underlying assumptions in these initiatives?
  11. I haven't followed the bloggernacle for a while. Has anyone opined that this is President Nelson's way of striking back yet again at former President Uchtdorf for classifying the women's session as part of General Conference?
  12. If you want to go literary you could call it the synecdoche fallacy - using a part to represent the whole.
  13. It's the keyhole fallacy. That's where you latch onto one argument or statement in isolation. You might not have heard of it because I just coined it.
  14. That makes it sound like there's some portion of modesty that's part of an eternal principle. I can see where that may be the case when it is grounded in humility, but I think what's really happening at the point you describe is that Church leaders are carving out a sub-culture. This lines up with the Word of Wisdom comparisons you've made. The dietary restrictions of each dispensation came about as a response to the diet of the larger culture. In Moses dispensation, the dietary code was spelled out as part of the Law of Holiness - summarized as the LORD your God is holy (different from other gods, set apart) so you must also be holy (different from other people, set apart). It was a subculture and in some ways counterculture. But I don't think the eternal principles we draw from this law are food-based. Instead it is built on a foundation of obedience and corporeal sanctity. Back on modesty, I'm not certain that bikinis are taboo in the celestial kingdom where lust and jealousy has been conquered. Perhaps we'll all be pure enough to view each other as works of art, fashioned and molded in a partnership of Creator and creation. With such a mindset, it would be rude to be clothed. I'm not stating this is the case, I just think turning modesty into a foundational principle is a mistake, and the standards we maintain are based on foundational principles but are by no means the only set that could derive from them.
  15. No. Conduct yourself modestly because it’s the right thing to do before God. Not to do with others. Now hold on a minute. When @Fether summarized modesty as a standalone principle, every point came back to cultural norms and acceptable behaviors with other people. I don't think you can divorce modesty from culture anymore than you can separate the first great commandment from the second.
  16. Are you talking about the period from the start of the Old Kingdom to the end of the New Kingdom? My understanding is that each "Kingdom" period was a time when upper and lower Egypt were unified under a single pharaoh and the dynasties during that time were serial, while the Intermediate Periods had a divided Egypt with local pharaohs and dynasties could overlap. The Kingdom periods to stand in contrast to @NeuroTypical's point since they each lasted about 500 years, but not quite to the degree as when we include all dynasties.
  17. I'll add my experience to the anecdata. The Aaronic Priesthood quorums I was in would have lessons based on the standards in the For the Strength of Youth pamphlet. No girls were present. I knew how long my shorts needed to be to attend youth activities. I knew that my shirts needed sleeves.
  18. Maybe it's time to recirculate this beaut of an article* *I may have accidentally edited two of the paragraphs
  19. Is there a reason you want a full lesson on modesty taught in church? Church lessons usually serve 3 purposes: teach doctrine, strengthen faith, and change behavior. It was with this understanding that I observed earlier that we don't generally have stand-alone lessons on modesty. We have lessons on chastity (which includes a section on modesty), and we have standards nights (which includes discussions on modesty), and we have lessons on humility (which includes examples of modesty). Modesty is a secondary principle in our teaching. From what I can tell, it is taught in order to encourage some behavior which supports the greater principle. I wonder if it warrants a full lesson.