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  1. What is something good that happened to you today? Big or small. Let us celebrate with you.
  2. pam

    Anniversary alone

    C-diff is nothing to mess with. I've had it and I have life long friend who just got put on hospice because of it. So you take care of yourself.
  3. I can remember all of my elementary teachers except for kindergarten and 2 of the 3 4th grade teachers I had. Forget about remembering all of middle and high school. **edit Just thought of this. I can only name 1 of the two 5th grade teachers I had.
  4. pam

    Biden: What the???

    How much money do you have?
  5. They want to focus on sites and projects that have had great success bringing people to baptism. Third Hour and Ask Gramps might have played a part in someone's conversion but wasn't a huge influence. What they are doing now has had tremendous success.
  6. Thank you. Yes this forum is no longer part of my official job with More Good Foundation. I do it because I've been around this forum for 20 years.
  7. Almost a year ago the Board of Directors that is over the More Good Foundation made a decision that only certain projects would continue to be funded. It had to meet a certain criteria. Third Hour was not one of those that made the cut and therefore no funding. We have left the site open and we still post to the Third Hour facebook page because there were almost 100K followers to the fb page. They have also allocated more money for international projects since there are now more members out of the U.S. than in. As of right now there isn't a plan to shut it down and I have been promised that when that decision is made I will have notice to be able to inform those on the forum. @Traveler I have been the one running this forum for several years and yes I post here. I don't own the forum so therefore I have to go with the decisions made by the Board of Directors. Even my project of Ask Gramps that I have managed since "gramps" passed away in 2008 has had funding taken away.
  8. pam

    Gays and the church

  9. pam

    Gays and the church

    Don't be one of those.
  10. pam

    Gays and the church

    The problem with this example is there have been a couple of editions that they were naked and the swimsuits were painted on.
  11. pam

    Website Was Down Over the Weekend

    Thank goodness my Norton blocked it all. This is what happened if you didn't see it in the facebook group.
  12. pam

    The "Ok" hand Gesture

    When I look at the images of those using this sign....I honestly think the only one that is using it as an anti-white meaning is Oprah Winfrey. She can't deny that she is racist against white people. The picture of Eddie Murphy was from Beverly Hills Cop released in 1984. I remember seeing Obama use the symbol during many of his speeches. I think it's just a gesture he used frequently kind of like Trumps circle gesture.
  13. pam

    Requiring a COVID-19 Vaccine (shot/s)

    It's just so interesting how this can affect people so differently. I had both shots. Never even got a sore arm with either of them. Absolutely nothing with either one. Yet my son got it and he had fever and chills for a day or so.
  14. pam


    I am fine with it.
  15. pam


    He definitely couldn't sing in Mama Mia.
  16. pam


    Cats the movie failed not only because the whole premise is stupid but because Taylor Swift and James Corden were in it. I am SOOOOOO not a fan of either one of them. Why so many hugely talented people with big names attached themselves to this movie is beyond me.
  17. pam

    Why did we fight a war in Afghanistan?

    I feel for the people of Afghanistan now. There will be thousands and thousands massacred at the hands of the Taliban.
  18. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    What are some of your favorite snacks. I will admit that this summer I have become totally addicted to frozen grapes. I'm going to hate when they are no longer in season. Plus I have fallen in love with watermelon and cantaloupe sprinkled with Tajin. I LOVE it. It has been a good fruit summer so far.
  19. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    Nooo. I've already been singing waddle waddle all day today.
  20. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    I can't believe I just went and watched the video again.
  21. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    You ain't a kiddin" I keep got any grapes? Then he waddled away. Over and over in my head now.
  22. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    Then he waddled away, waddle waddle...then he waddled away, waddle waddle till the very next day. That was cute.
  23. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    I will have to say...I didn't like them frozen at all. I think I will stick with grapes.
  24. pam

    Favorite snacks?

    So I bought a couple of oranges today and I just put them in freezer baggies. We shall see what they taste like tomorrow.
  25. pam

    I Have Arrived

    Well you popped open one of the best drinks. IBC cream soda.