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    Your Mom is trying to protect you from getting hurt.  She's doing so in her ignorance (meaning her lack of information).
    If you are a minor, you may have to go with her wishes, but you can do a LOT online from valid sources like LDS.org the Mormon Channel etc.
    Some converts struggle for years to get family to accept their personal choices, which is no different than any change anybody makes, to join or leave the church, to attend one college or even get one job over another.  So any resistance is to be expected by those who love you regardless of the truth of it all or not.
    My suggestion (if I knew you) would be to show the greatest love and kindness in a Christlike manner, and do your best.  Bring missionaries to teach you in your home, pray often, and show your Mother that being Mormon brings you closer to Christ, your family, and also makes you a better person.  She will, as time goes on, give you more latitude, as she feels the Spirit work in her life, to help her sort out the false information from the truth. ALL light you bring into your home, brings this spirit of truth and light, and you my friend, get to be a partner with Christ in this effort in your own home.
    Welcome to life.