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  1.  So I have a problem .  Im a new convert only a few months  struggle with telling the spirit  from my own emotions.  Sometimes I asked God question about the future,  about decisions I should make or about specific people  I feel like my own emotions, wants and desires take over me. I feel like I ge my get both yes and no.  Sometimes I feel like I’m convincing myself the answer is yes it’s my desire  or sometimes I feel like I get no as an answer because I think I don’t deserve it or for some other reason. My question is how do you feel the spirit and tell the difference between it in your own emotions






  2.  So what do you do if you get two different answer to your prayers.? Like praying about someone you like or praying about a decision should do  and you get yes and no as an answer?   Could the  devil be confusing you?  How do you tell the difference between your own emotions and wants and the spirit?

  3. 9 minutes ago, DoctorLemon said:

    I knew a guy who did in my last ward!  He taught a woman in Argentina, and after the mission he went back to Argentina and they wound up getting married.  It worked out well for them!

    I also knew a sister missionary who taught a French guy but he didn't get baptized.  They kept writing after she returned home, and then she flew to France several years later and married him, THEN he finally joined the Church.  They have been happily married for something like fifteen years now!

    That said, any such relationships should only take place AFTER the mission is over (of course), and some caution should be exercised - dating someone you taught carries its own unique problems, especially if the relationship doesn't work out.  

    What problems could their be?

  4. o I have a huge crush on a missionary in my ward. I was only baptized 2 weeks when he came into the ward. He seemed to be kinda flirty but I don’t know if he’s trying to or if that’s his personality. He would playfully kick my shin and even made me picky promise that I would text him and his companion if I was upset. He also gives me high fives and fist bumps and even teased me once and fist bumped my palm saying “take that”. I’m moving to Utah for school and will be going to the same school. He said “when I get home we’ll do something fun” he also told be Im
    amazing and I show him how to endure. what does this mean. I literally love him. Even had dreams of marriage