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Found 1 result

  1. I'm going to put it out there. I'm a 41 year old convert of 16 years, a golden contact. I've been a consistent attending member every since day one. I consider myself a Progressive/Democratic Socialist and I am very politically active. However, I do not bring my politics to Church. I don't like it when others bring theirs into our chapels, so I do whatever I can to avoid and squash political conversations or comments any time they are voiced. Our scriptures can be used to support almost ANY political ideology if you cherry pick which verses you use. That being said, I feel VERY LONELY as a Democratic Socialist/ Progressive in the Mormon Church, which ideologically confuses me since I love the Church AND progressive values make SO much sense to me. I am most active on Facebook, where I have several Church members as 'friends' who see my political posts. My church friends have distanced themselves from me since I have been expressing my political beliefs online. I can only assume that they misunderstand my/our progressive positions - perhaps they believe the free things line from the media, or they think I'm not pro-life because I'm also pro-choice, or they think I'm blaming outside things instead of taking responsibility, blah blah. Ultimately, it's all very discouraging. I have a strong testimony and I have no reason to leave the church, the doctrines match my beliefs perfectly. I'd just like to find some other Democratic Socialist/Progressive Mormons to chat with. To talk about how the doctrines work so well with the ideas of the party, and perhaps some ideas on how to help the world move forward! #NotMeUs