The Heroes of Nightingale


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I just wanted to let anyone interested know in a new novel I am getting published called The Heroes of Nightingale. You can find the first chapter preview of it at this link here

It is a YA Sci- Fi novel featuring characters who are LDS, because beleive it or not, I Am!

Anyway, here is a description from the back of the cover. I hope you guys enjoy!

Rosie Goodrick is your typical LDS (Mormon) teen who lives in Nightingale, Texas. During the summer she spends hours with her best friend Wendy searching through the newspaper, trying to find any strange, bizarre, and unexplainable events. What's most amazing however, is what's been right under their noses all along. Both of their fathers works for a company called Evo-Netics. What they don't know is that it's part of a secret government organization called Project Three, which helps manage Super-Heroes.

Rosie doesn't know much about Heroes, except what she watches on T.V. She certainly has no idea Villains actually go to her High School, and she has absolutely no idea the creepy old man who lives down the street is really a mad scientists after all. Sure, she has a hunch that things aren't right, but she could never imagine how much. Especially when she discovers she is a Hero too!

She can control electricity, just like you or I can walk. As she tries to adjust to this amazing, and perplexing fact, she is met with more difficulties than she has ever faced in her entire life.

Rosie goes on a journey to discover secrets about the Villains. All the while she gains more clues to her own Mothers past. She learns her Mother sacrificed her own life, to save a teacher, Faustine Fantine, Rosie can hardly stand. To put it mildly, the feeling is mutual. Then there is her Uncle Lexew. It turns out he is a notorious Villain. He manages to break out of Ban-Ban Prison, which holds Villains; putting everything into chaos.


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