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Comedy for a Greater Purpose

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Hi there!


I am a comedian and I make short videos dedicated to clean comedy! In addition to being clean, my videos also tell a moral message (something I think a lot of comedians fail to do)!


I believe humour can be used for a greater purpose, and I am constantly crafting concepts to make this happen for goodhearted people who reject the dirty, meaningless humour that is widespread throughout the world. I put these videos on my new Youtube channel, dedicated to clean comedy and genuinely helping people (including myself, as these comedies are inspired by my faults too!).



Below is my most recent video in which I play as a green monster who personifies that voice in your head who always tells you to do what you shouldn’t be doing!



And below is a video which humourously instructs people how to say “no”, why it’s good to be able to say “no” and at the end of the video shows that if you take this “no” attitude to the extreme, you can become a terrible person!



You can also view my Youtube channel page here:



At the moment, I am committed to making comedies on a monthly basis (the 15th of every month, to be precise). If you enjoy my videos and you want to see more, if you have any suggestions or whatever, let me know with comments on Youtube! :-)


I do have social media as well, and you can find the links on the Youtube channel page (kind of near the top right as little icons).


I hope these videos (and my future videos) provide you with a laugh, inspiration, and something you can relate to!


And like I said, if you like my videos and have any suggestions, let me know! I love hearing what people think of my videos :-D



All the best!
Roch Matthews

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