A GIF To Describe Each Month of 2020

two people shaking hands wearing gloves during covid-19

A lot of things have happened this year. Because there has been so much, here is a little recap of the biggest things to happen in each month of 2020, accompanied with gifs.



Fire Brigade Help by MissAllThingsAwesome
Fire Brigade Help by MissAllThingsAwesome. Picture by Missallthingsawesome on Giphy.

Massive fires raged through Australia and locusts swarmed through Africa. Those should have been good indications for how this year would go. Meanwhile, COVID-19 is born.

Events of the Month:

  • First Reported Case of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China on December 31, 2019
  • Bushfires in Australia
  • Kobe Bryant’s Tragic Death
  • Brexit
  • Massive Locust Swarms in Africa


The emperors new groove no
The emperors new groove no. Source: Giphy.

As COVID-19 spread greetings when from the classic handshake to the elbow bump and eventually settled at staying six feet apart from literally everyone around you.


Events of the Month:

  • Valentines Day
  • Impeachment Trial of President Donald Trump
  • Coronavirus is officially named “COVID-19”
  • COVID-19 Spreads through Europe and Asia

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Toilet Paper Comedy
Toilet Paper Comedy. Source: Giphy.

Somehow a deadly virus became synonymous with overbuying toilet paper and panic shoppers caused shelves to empty of anything useful. I still don’t understand how toilet paper will protect us.

Events of the Month:

  • COVID-19 spreads to the United States
  • Stock Market Crash
  • America ran out of Toilet Paper
  • Tom Hanks and his wife tested positive for COVID-19


Area 51 Aliens by HISTORY UK
Area 51 Aliens by HISTORY UK. Picture by historyuk on Giphy.

Let’s be real, by the time we saw the pentagon footage we didn’t care anymore. I bet the aliens came, saw the mess we were in, and bolted out of there. I just wanted a chance to say, “Mr. Alien, please take me with you.” But I guess we don’t want the virus spreading to Mars.

Events of the Month:

  • All Temples Closed Worldwide
  • People Protested Lockdowns in the United States
  • The Pentagon Released Videos of an “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon”


Season 6 Nbc by Superstore
Season 6 Nbc by Superstore. Picture by superstore on Giphy.

When the murder hornets started coming, I think we all expected it to be worse. Also, to those astronauts that were shot up into space, how does it feel to be the only two sane people left?

Events of the Month:

  • Murder Hornets
  • SpaceX Launched Two Astronauts into Space
  • Black Lives Matter Protests Began Due to the Death of George Floyd


Confused Where Am I by Rachael Ray Show
Confused Where Am I by Rachael Ray Show. Picture by rachaelrayshow on Giphy.

Not only is this the effect that summer generally has on a person, this summer we couldn’t leave our homes. By this point, everything kind of became a mush of sadness.

Events of the Month:

  • Yemen Humantiraian Crisis
  • Black Lives Matter Protests Continue
  • Bejing in Second Lockdown
  • Protests in Lebanon


Stephen Colbert Plague by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert Plague by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Picture by colbertlateshow on Giphy.

We had been inside for going on four months. If you weren’t going crazy, you may have been the reason why everyone else was going crazy.

Events of the Month:

  • Kanye West announced he was running for president
  • Something about GOYA beans
  • Wayfair Scandal/Pizzagate
  • Bubonic Plague Reported in Mongolia


Tired Good Night
Source: Giphy.

Eight months into the year and this is how tired we were of life. We were 2/3 of the way through 2020 and it didn’t seem to be getting any better.

Events of the Month:

  • Explosion in Beirut
  • Chadwick Boseman Passes Away
  • Wildfires in California and Washington
  • Back to School (zoom edition!)


Donald Trump Vs by Creative Courage
Picture by creative-courage on Giphy.

Honestly, this quote basically sums up the whole year. Thankfully after this point the year got a little bit better. I think.


Events of the Month:

  • Death of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  • President Trump appoints Justice Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court
  • Black Lives Matter Protests reach their 100th night
  • First US Presidential Debate


Rona Hazmat by KING OF THE ROAD
Rona Hazmat by KING OF THE ROAD. Picture by kingoftheroad on Giphy.

A real-life depiction of what it looked like to prepare yourself for trick or treating. Or maybe just going to the grocery store. Either way, a hazmat suit is the best option when you are at risk of COVID-19, Ebola, and the bubonic plague.

Events of the Month:

  • Halloween?
  • Collin Kartchner passes away
  • President Donald Trump Tests Positive for COVID-19
  • New York City Ebola Outbreak
  • Protests in Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Poland, and more

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Bored Pete Davidson by Saturday Night Live
Bored Pete Davidson by Saturday Night Live. Picture by snl on Giphy.

The feeling of every American when you refresh the page and the election results are still pending. For days. But hey, we got to eat some turkey and talk to our families over zoom.

Events of the Month:

  • Socially Distanced Thanksgiving
  • United States Presidential Election
  • Alex Trebek passes away
  • Monoliths Discovered All Over the World


Tired Good Morning by Freeform
Tired Good Morning by Freeform. Picture by freeform on Giphy.

The feeling of slight relief that 2020 is almost over, but also some festive panic. But we finally got a vaccine! Overall, this year was absolutely insane, but somehow you made it. Here’s to a better year in 2021.

Events of the Month:

  • Quarantine Christmas
  • Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruption in Hawaii
  • Highest Daily Death Toll Recorded at 3,054 COVID-19 Deaths on December 9th
  • COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

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Zoë Holyoak is currently a BYU student, photographer, and writer. Her hobbies include long walks through the ice cream aisle at the grocery store and correcting bad grammar. She is also a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and served a mission for the Church in Portland, Oregon.