What is ‘The Book of Mormon Project’?


It began as a series of interviews with pedestrians and a passion for The Book of Mormon. But as the interviews progressed, the three ambitious individuals conducting the interviews realized that many pedestrians who were interviewed had no idea what The Book of Mormon was.

It was then that the team discovered their desire to create The Book of Mormon Project.

Through the project, they will produce a film titled, “What is The Book of Mormon?”, which will expound on and answer these two questions:

  • What is The Book of Mormon?
  • Why do we have it today?

When contacting one of the co-founders of the movie, he said,

The purpose of The Book of Mormon Project is to get members involved in sharing about the Book of Mormon and help non-members find truth about the Book of Mormon.

The team has also created a Facebook page to spread information about their efforts and the movie is set to be released January 1, 2015.

Natalie New is a writer and intern for LDS.net and a current English student at BYU-Idaho. She was born and raised in an LDS home and has attending two Mormon universities up to this point. Natalie has also held a variety of Church callings and has had unique experiences, giving her a unique outlook on life. You can contact Natalie via email.