BYU Vocal Point Sings ‘Homeward Bound’ With All-American Boys Choir


Vocal Point, BYU’s all-male a-cappella choir, sings a new arrangement of “Homeward Bound” with the All-American Boys Choir in their newest music video.

Members of the choir explained that they were excited to work on this spiritual song because it is a song that everyone can relate to. Jordan Hale, the Vocal Point soloist in the music video, stated in a behind the scenes video (posted below), “Homeward Bound I feel like is a song that is applicable to everyone. No matter who you are, you’ve had something or someone that you’ve loved or had to leave.”

Hale shared why this song was important to him as it reminded him of the love his grandfather has for his grandmother who has already passed on. He explains that when he sings “‘Homeward Bound,” he thinks of his grandmother’s funeral when his grandfather told her goodbye for the last time. Hale said that it was less of a goodbye and more of a “goodnight, I’ll see you in the morning.” Understanding that this song holds a special meaning for many people, Hale was grateful for the guidance he received while recording the song.

When I sang the song in the studio, there were multiple times I felt like I was divinely inspired to sing it different ways. Every single note was something that I thought, ‘what am I going to do to make this note, and this phrase, and this verse mean something?

McKay Crockett, Vocal Point’s artistic director, explained that the group would like to dedicate their version of “Homeward Bound” to everybody who has had to say goodbye to someone they love. As individuals listen to the song and watch the music video, Crockett hopes that they “will find peace and comfort in the fact and the knowledge that those that they love will return to them someday.”

Individuals can buy and download Vocal Point’s rendition of “Homeward Bound” on iTunes.

For more BYU Vocal Point videos, visit their YouTube channel.

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