7 Latter-day Saint Podcasts You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

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Podcasts aren’t a new thing, but for some reason I always find myself looking for new ones. They are so interesting and I love the enlightenment that can come from hearing new perspectives on gospel topics. We reached out to some of our readers and asked what Latter-day Saint podcasts they’ve been loving recently. Here they are!

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This Is the Gospel

“This Is the Gospel” is a podcast by LDS Living. According to their website, this podcast “collects and shares personal stories that illustrate the challenges and triumphs of living in the latter days.” There are multiple narratives in each episode and you can hear a new one every Monday!

“The stories we tell matter. They can build our faith, help us empathize with others, demonstrate the true power of God in our lives, and help lead us to Christ,” said the website. You can find “This Is the Gospel” on many different platforms. Click here to access it!

Moral & Ethical Leadership

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If you hold any type of leadership position, this is a great podcast for you! The BYU Management Society produces this program and interviews influential leaders about their strategies and morals when it comes to leading others.

With over 30 episodes and new ones coming out every Tuesday, you have hours of valuable knowledge at your fingertips. I can’t wait to hear some of these tips and experiences from “Moral & Ethical Leadership.”

The Finding Christ Podcast

While “The Finding Christ Podcast” doesn’t have as many listeners or a strict schedule, it’s still one you won’t want to miss. “This is the organic and inside story of us navigating through life’s journey of discovering the true nature of God. We all have divine power within us but it’s up to us to inquire, learn, and actively use the powerful healing tools through our Savior Jesus Christ,” says their website. “It’s real, it’s raw, and it will hit to your core. So get ready for the ride!”

All episodes of “The Finding Christ Podcast” are available for free on their site. I can’t wait to give them a listen!

Y Religion

“Y Religion” is a relatively new show that just started releasing episodes in February of 2020. It’s brought to you by the BYU Religious Studies Center and they have hours upon hours of listening for you to enjoy.

Their website stated, “Each year, Brigham Young University Religious Education professors produce hundreds of publications on subjects related to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This podcast brings this research into one place to enlighten the everyday seeker of truth. Interviewing the author, we discuss why the study was done, why it matters, and why the professor chooses to be both a scholar and a disciple.”

Click here to listen to all of their episodes for free!

All In

LDS Living provides another podcast called “All In.” It’s about what it means to be “all in” the gospel of Jesus Christ in these latter days. They talk with authors and artists that are striving to live the gospel and share new insights every Wednesday!

With over 100 episodes, it will be a long time before you run out of content. You can access all of the episodes on tons of different platforms. Click here to find them all!

“Come, Follow Me” Audio Lessons

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I can’t forget the “Come, Follow Me” audio lessons brought to you by yours truly, Third Hour! If you find it hard to get your studying done every week, these audio lessons will be a lifesaver. They’re such easy listening and a great way to gain insights into the weekly studies.

You can find them all for free right here!

The Words of the Prophets

If I’m being honest, my favorite things to listen to when I’m in need of spiritual nourishment are the scriptures and talks given by our modern-day prophets. In my opinion, their insights are the most valuable. I mean, they come directly from Heavenly Father!

No matter what you listen to, I admire your desire to gain knowledge and become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ. I would love to hear any other podcast recommendations you have!

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What are your favorite Latter-day Saint podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!

Brooklyn Gittins is an enthusiastic member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She has written for food and lifestyle blogs but is currently sharpening her skills as a writing intern for Third Hour. She enjoys spending time with her husband, petting dogs, and eating buttered noodles.