New Piano Guys Video Features One Direction, Tells a Life Story


The Piano Guys released another beautiful instrumental rendition of a popular song yesterday, this time based on One Direction’s song “Story of My Life.” However, this video is more of a story with music than a music video. The music “wrote” the story, according to the Piano Guys website. As the Piano Guys listened to the notes, they say that a story of a tree came to mind. The tree intersected with the life of a boy, from youth until old age. To some, the poignant story may be reminiscent of the children’s book “The Giving Tree.”

“We determined to do something we’ve never done before, film a short story and let the music be its soundtrack. This is why in the video Jon and Steve are only shown more as translucent performers that are serenading this tree’s story from behind its past. We went to great lengths to capture the vivid story that this music had “written.” We hope you enjoy it.”

This isn’t the first cover the Piano Guys have done of a One Direction song. A video based on the song “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” has garnered more than 32 million views on YouTube. The video featured five Piano Guys all playing different parts of the same piano to create a complete musical experience. Check it out below.

For more videos based on well-known melodies ranging from soundtracks such as Kung Fu Panda to bands such as One Republic, visit the Piano Guys website or their YouTube channel.

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