Mormons Stand Out in Recent Obama Approval Poll

Barack Obama
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Gallup Politics released a poll Friday, June 11 that put Mormons at the top of the list for those disapproving of President Obama. On the other end of the poll, Muslims approved of Obama more than any other religious group included in the study. According to the poll, those who had the highest approval rating for Obama in 2014 were non-Christian groups, while less than half of the three major Christian religions approved.


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According to Gallup Politics, this survey is based on data from more than 88,000 Gallup Daily tracking interviews which took place between January and June 2014. 552 Muslims and at least 1,700 individuals in every other religious group included in the poll were interviewed.

Gallup Politics points out that since the United States is predominantly Christian, with “roughly half of Americans identifying with a Protestant religion and another quarter identifying as Catholics” the opinions of the Christian groups are the most influential in the overall ratings.

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