18 of the Funniest Primary Program Tweets

Photo via learnreligions.com

Primary Program season is upon us. Get hyped for the best sacrament meeting of the year with these hilarious tweets.

1. A little louder, please.

Image result for eating microphone gif

2. Taking it a little off script…

3. You’ve got to respect the dedication.

4. A little self-promotion never hurt.

Image result for kid pointing to himself gif

5. The greatest fear of all…

6. Yet the spirit is strong!

7. So glad she stuck around.

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8. Putting things into perspective.

wacky girl GIF

9. Rehearsal always goes better than opening day…

10. Ripture power keeps me safe from sin.

11. Cause they yell em’!

12. Sing like nobody’s watching.

kids dancing GIF

13. Baptist hymns are still pretty *on brand*.

14. Replace ~cats~ with ~dogs~ and the kid is right!

15. Woah…

retro gary coleman GIF

16. A valid concern.

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17. Not cookies n’ cream…

18. Phew.

Until next year, folks.

Jane studied English at Brigham Young University-Idaho. She served her mission in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. She enjoys listening to the Beach Boys with her husband and their Great Dane, Cooper. She is learning to fly fish and has just started making her own pickles.