10 Fascinating People You Will Meet in the First 50 Years of Relief Society

Relief Society
Image via LDS.org

This article was originally written by R. Eric Smith for the Church History Department. The following is an excerpt. 

I recently traveled to a city I had never visited before. On my trip I enjoyed meeting some of the locals, trying their food, walking around town, and getting the “vibe” of the place. On a couple of nights, I spent several hours looking out of the floor-to-ceiling windows of my hotel room at the beautiful cityscape, the lights in the various buildings burning like nearer stars. I returned home rejuvenated and with my mind and heart enlarged by new perspectives. Since then, I have often found myself studying a picture that I took of the city on one of those nights, trying to recapture that vivid scene, but the picture is only a poor representation of what I actually saw and felt there.

I have recently completed another sojourn as well, and one of more significance—this one not to a distant place but to another time. This journey began more than two years ago when I was invited to be part of the editorial team for the book The First Fifty Years of Relief Society: Key Documents in Latter-day Saint Women’s History, which at that time was mostly drafted and ready to be edited.

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