How the Historic Tabernacle Influenced the Provo City Center Temple’s Architecture


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints wanted to make sure that as the burned down Provo Tabernacle was constructed into the Provo City Center Temple the historic integrity was maintained from the original building.

The Church architects assigned to the project decided to incorporate many of the original designs from the historic tabernacle. The Redeemer of Israel blog shares that these historic designs are found in the temple’s stained glass windows, metal work, woodwork, and interior lights and lamps.

Many of the stained glass windows on the outside of the temple show the same design that the glass windows of the tabernacle showed. Some or the designs include a candle, an open book of scriptures, beehives and flowers. The Redeemer of Israel blog explains that the beautiful stained glass window in the entryway, depicting Christ holding a lamb, was originally from a Presbyterian Church in New York. However, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints purchased it from the New York church and donated it to the temple.

The metalwork of the temple incorporates the beehive and flower motifs found on some of the stained glass windows. Many of the doorhandles also include an acorn on the top and bottom, as this design could be found on doorhandles of the old tabernacle.

Many are saying that the interior woodwork of the temple is the most architecturally stunning part of the new temple. The temple incorporates newel post design that can be found around the baptistry, on the grand staircase, and in the waiting area.

In order to help maintain the feel of the historic building, old oil lamps have been converted into electric lights, and the modern day “EXIT” signs have been modified to look more historic.

Watch Messages of Christ’s video, shared above, or visit the Redeemer of Israel blog to learn more about the incredible architecture of the Provo City Center Temple.

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