12 Tweets from the 12 Apostles to Inspire You This Weekend

Image via churchofjesuschrist.org

Sometimes social media can be draining on our spirits, but these uplifting tweets from the Bretheren are sure to brighten your day.

1. Elder Ballard on choices

2. Elder Holland on enduring till the end

3. Elder Uchtodorf on everyday miracles

4. Elder Bednar on weakness

5. Elder Cook on being an example for good

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6. Elder Christofferson on service and love

7. Elder Andersen on looking forward with faith

8. Elder Rasband on social media

9. Elder Stevenson on our eternal identity

10. Elder Renlund on family history and temple work

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11. Elder Gong on becoming better

12. Elder Soares on gratitude

Bonus: 3 more from the First Presidency:

President Nelson on prayer:

Elder Oaks on loving one another:

Elder Eyring on Christ’s love:

What are your favorite tweets from the General Authorities? Comment below.

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