11 Moments That Describe Growing Up as a Mormon

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Having your parents yell at you to get everything cleaned up because the home teachers are on their way to the house.

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Having Ensigns everywhere.


No sleepovers on Saturday.

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Not dating until you’re 16 and constantly having to explain why to your friends who are not Mormon.

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When your best friend volunteers you for a prayer.

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Turning 21 and realizing that there really isn’t anything that you can do now that you couldn’t do before.

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As a young adult, hearing 5098340985230948 talks about getting married.

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Having your parents help you with your prayers


and then you realize they didn’t brush their teeth that morning.

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Getting ready to eat breakfast just to have your parents remind you that it’s Fast Sunday.

Eat Cake


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Republished From: LDSSmile.com

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