Family Shot by 3192 Paintballs to Prove a Point on Vulgarity


VidAngel, a new company that filters streamed content, shot 3192 paintballs at a family dressed in white to prove a point. What was the point? To show that words from television and movies have an impact and that families can protect themselves.

VidAngel is powered by a volunteer organization that legally filters popular movies, tv shows and even Youtube videos that can be rented using GooglePlay and Youtube. The company lets the viewer decide what content to show.

The company was founded by the Harmon brothers who come from a family from Idaho and grew up as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. They now have families of their own and wanted a way for families to enjoy popular entertainment without the vulgarity and crude images that are prevalent in Hollywood and the internet. Some of the brothers were behind the viral video campaign for Orabrush which has garnered over 19 million views on Youtube.

Along with the promo is a “Behind the Scenes” video that goes into the making of the video and a brief history of vulgarity in movies. The first Hollywood film that had a single curse word was Gone With the Wind in 1939. The record for the most use of profanities was 2013’s The Wolf of Wall Street at 815 instances.

Adam was born and raised in Southern California then went to high school in Arizona. He is currently pursuing a degree in English at BYU-Hawaii.