Single on Valentine’s Day? 5 Ideas of How to Celebrate!

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Ever since I was young, Valentine’s Day has been one of my favorite holidays! Growing up, I loved seeing my parents get each other thoughtful gifts, I loved the candy, and I loved love! As I have gotten older, and the thrill of receiving small cards and candy wore off, I have learned that many people (especially singles) do not enjoy Valentine’s Day. Being a single young adult myself, I have found ways to continue to love Valentine’s Day while being single. Here are 5 ideas of how to celebrate love without necessarily being in love.

1. Pay for the People Behind You

When you’re in a fast-food drive-through line, pay for your meal as well as for the people in the car behind you. This alternatively works at the grocery store. Go to self check out, kindly approach someone, and inform them you would like to pay for their groceries. One of my favorite Latter-day Saint Instagram moms is Kristin Andrus. Kristin reports she has never once had someone turn her down when she offered to help them. She recommends looking for someone (like a young college student, a new mother, or someone paying with food stamps) who could use the extra love.

2. Buy Flowers and Give Them Away

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I love receiving flowers, no matter who they are from or for what reason. Stores like Trader Joes have a wide variety of bouquets for different (affordable) prices. Buy a few and give them away. Maybe there is an older member of your ward who could use a visit or a lonely new member of the ward who could be fellowshipped. Whether you give them to a close friend or a stranger, make sure to smile and wish them a happy day!

3. Go Out and Serve Others

Serving others allows you to focus on others and their needs. You can serve in a variety of ways, big or small. Serve at your local retirement home or homeless shelter. You can serve in the temple by doing work for the dead. Or look up different service opportunities at There are plenty of ways for you to show your love for others by serving them.

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4. Plan a Singles-Only Dinner Party

Going out to eat on Valentine’s Day is a nightmare! Save yourself and a few of your single friends from the craziness and host a Singles-Only Dinner Party! Have each guest bring a dish, or test out a new recipe you have been wanting to try. Crank some fun tunes, play some party games, and have each guest write down three things they love about one another. Surrounding yourself by those you love will help remind you that there is more to life than a significant other!


Yes, this one is pretty cliche but it is true! Your relationship with yourself is a unique one: it is one you can never walk away from, therefore, you should treat yourself with kindness! You deserve love. So go ahead! Get yourself some chocolate and flowers, or treat yourself to a spa day or a new outfit. You deserve it.

You don’t need a significant other to feel loved on this holiday. Find ways to spread love instead of feeling sad for yourself.

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day as a single? Share in the comments.

Madi Wickham is a junior in the Public Relations program at Brigham Young University. She was raised on the beaches of San Diego, California, but has fallen in love with the mountains of Utah. She is a sunset enthusiast and a Trader Joes loyalist who has a special love for the outdoors and traveling.