The 11 Costumes You’ll See at This Year’s Ward Halloween Party

costumes ward Halloween party Mormons

Ward Halloween parties are always fun. There’s usually lots of food and games, and let’s not forget about trunk or treating. But one of the most fun things about ward Halloween parties is seeing the costumes of all your ward members. So, without further ado, here are the 11 types of costumes you’ll probably see at this year’s ward Halloween party.

1. The Synchronized Family Costume ward Halloween party costume synchronized family

We’ve all seen them. This is when everyone in the family participates in a themed costume idea. EVERYONE. My wife and I are guilty of doing this for years. Last year, my kids were Lilo and Stitch, my wife was Nani, and I was Nani’s boyfriend David. The year before last, my daughter was Boo, I was Sullivan, and my wife was Mike. This year we are planning on an Aladdin theme. Whether it’s the Wizard of Oz, the Avengers, or something else, you’re bound to see one of these synchronized families walk into your ward Halloween party.

2. The Individual Combo Costume Related image

These are they who either couldn’t make up their mind on what to be for Halloween or who wanted to be more than one thing at once. That’s right, if you’re a fairy princess vampire or a zombie football player with eagle wings, you fall into this category.

3. The Latest Disney Movie Costume costumes ward Halloween party Mormon the Incredibles

Every year, a new Disney movie comes out and, every year, a slew of Latter-day Saints (sometimes erroneously nicknamed Mormons) come dressed as the characters from that movie to their ward Halloween party. When it comes to Halloween costumes, sometimes ward members even anticipate an upcoming Disney movie. So this year, get ready to see plenty of the Incredibles!

costumes ward Halloween party Mormon star wars4. The Star Wars Costume

I don’t know what it is, but Latter-day Saints love Star Wars. Maybe it’s that Yoda kind of looks like Spencer W. Kimball, or maybe it’s the fact that there are twelve apostles and twelve members of the Jedi council. Or maybe Star Wars is just that great of a saga. But you’re sure to see your share of Jedi and Princess Leias at this year’s ward Halloween party.

5. The Guy Who’s Just There For the Food Costume

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Maybe this guy just got off work and didn’t have time to dress up, or maybe this guy just doesn’t like Halloween all that much, but you might see someone not dressed up at all. Don’t worry, he’ll still participate, especially when it comes to the food.

6. The Blow-up Costume Image result for stanley sumo gif

Years ago it started with blow-up sumo wrestler costumes, then I began to see blow-up dinosaurs. Just the other day, when I was driving, I saw a blow-up baby costume. Apparently, you can also buy blow-up costumes where you ride a horse or get abducted by an alien. Chances are, you’ll see at least one costume puffed up with air. Do you think we’ll see any new blow-up costume designs this year?

7. The Trending Make-up Costume costumes ward Halloween Party Mormon Deer

I really only first realized this was happening two years ago. I was on campus at Brigham Young University on Halloween day and I noticed it: so many girls used make-up to dress up as deer. One of them was my cousin! I didn’t even know this was a thing! I mean, when did everyone get together and decide to do this? So, I don’t know if it’ll be deer this year, but you might see the latest trending make-up costume at this year’s ward Halloween party.

8. The Superhero Costume costumes ward Halloween party Mormon Superhero kids

Let’s face it: we live in a day where superheroes dominate the media. With Avengers movies coming out every six months and the Justice League trying to keep up, more and more superhero movies, apparel, and toys are being produced. Now, more than ever, kids want to be their favorite superhero—even if it’s just for one night at the ward Halloween party.

9. That Person Who Just Made Up His Own Costume Image result for Jim Halpert 3 Hole Punch Gif

This is the person who either didn’t know what to be for Halloween and gave up or who only wanted to do the bare minimum. He makes up his own costume and has to tell every single person what he is because no one will ever guess it. That’s right, Jim Halpert. Several of your costumes, including the three-hole punch Jim costume, would fit into this category.

10. The Baby Costume costumes ward Halloween party Mormons baby pilots

This one is especially true in wards with young families. Parents love to feature their newest offspring when it comes Halloween time. I guess it’s because babies are just so dang cute you can’t resist dressing them up in the most adorable costumes ever.

costumes ward Halloween party Mormon angel moroni11. The Creative Genius Costume

This is the person who, when he enters the party, you think, “why didn’t I think of that?” Every year I usually see at least one truly unique or original costume. Several years back, a couple I knew were expecting their first baby. Their last name is Bunn, so Brother Bunn decided to dress up as a baker and Sister Bunn decided to dress up like an oven. So, their unborn child became the Bunn in the oven. Now, how cool is that? Let me know the most creative costume you’ve ever seen.

Happy Halloween everyone!

Derek Lange is an intern at He graduated from Brigham Young University with a bachelor's in English. Derek grew up in Tehachapi California. He is passionate about football, basketball, water-sports, and reading. He now lives in Provo Utah with his wife Mary and their two children, Edith and Benny.