10 Reasons Hiccup would make a great Mormon Missionary


As a Viking dragonrider, Hiccup (the protagonist of Dreamworks Entertainment’s How to Train Your Dragon series) is more likely to be found burning houses down than knocking on doors. Still, there is much about the diminutive Nordic-with-American-accent-and-Scottish-dad that would make him fit right in with the ranks of the modern Latter-day Saint missionary corps.

Here are 10 reasons Hiccup would make a fantastic Mormon missionary:

1) He can handle rejection


You just gestured to all of me

2) He’s just a little bit…peculiar

Hiccup being awkward3) He never goes anywhere without his companion

4) He’d rather make peace with his enemies than fight them

How to train your dragon Hiccup saving girl

5) He does service

6) He makes friends with those who don’t speak the same language


7) He doesn’t leave the house without putting his armor on

8) He won’t, or can’t, flirt with girls


9) He’s willing to tell people things they don’t want to hear


10) In the end, his number one priority is to help people



Seth has been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since the age of eight. In his youth he tried to kill his poor parents by deliberately involving himself in more extracurricular activities than either of them had time or mortal energy to drive him to. Luckily for him, his parents are superhuman. Seth played soccer, hockey and any other team sport that involved arms, legs and fast-moving rubber spheroids, wrote short stories, poetry and music, and was far too involved in his High School's drama and mock trial programs for his social life's own good. Ice hockey stuck. So did writing. Seth doesn't know everything--but he knows that God and Jesus Christ live, that They love us, and that They always keep Their promises.