25 YSA Ward Memes That Will Make You Cry-Laugh

mormon dating ysa meme
via BYU Memes

1. When They All “Mates Before Dates” But Then…

2. Come Back Game STRONG

3. When She Trynna Ghost You But You See Your Couple Potential

4. Every Family Holiday Ever
5. But At Least You Didn’t Announce the Wrong Miss Universe #shade

6. When You Gotta Avoid Eye Contact At All Costs

7. “It’s Not Easy Being Green” and/or Single

8. Imma Just Shove That Hand Back Down

9. Because Stanley is Your Spirit Animal10. When You Know They Really Met on Tinder Anyway11. The Real Months of the Year TBH

12. Kevin + Pizza = the Only Bae You Need

13. **What I think I Look Like at 9 a.m. Church

14. The One Who Keeps “Accidentally” Slipping Into His Mission Language…

15. The Struggle is REAL

16. Dang It, Karen!

17. Two Thumbs WAY DOWN
18. When Elder Gong Be Speakin’ Right At You

19. Results May Vary

20. When Keanu the Only One Makin’ Sense

21. Isn’t He Just a Crime-Fighting Beaver?

22. Wisdom Level: Gimli

23. And Why Do They Keep Asking If I Know Someone Else They Can Talk to??

24. When You Say “Hi” But She Think You Proposed

25. Are You Shania Twain? ‘Cause That Don’t Impress Me Much