13 Hilarious COVID-19 Memes for Latter-day Saints Stuck in Quarantine

Dog illustration surrounded by coronavirus during earthquake.
Meme created by Jasmin Gimenez Rappleye.

Latter-day Saints around the world are stuck at home practicing some good old-fashioned “social distancing,” and frankly, some of them have got too much time on their hands. Thank goodness for that. It’s memes like these that keep you laughing throughout the day, instead of crying. Here are just 10 of our favorites. Also, we couldn’t find attribution for some of these, so if you know who originally made them, please let us know so we can give them proper credit.

1. Too funny:

2. If you’ve seen the movie, you get it

Dumb and Dumber meme.

3. Poor Utah families

4. True story

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5. Yikes, that escalated quickly:

Meme about church

6. Turn your sound on for this one:

7. Too cool:

8. Just feeling like the end of the world for anyone in Utah:

9. You can bet I’ll be raising my hand at home, but this is still a funny image:

General Conference meme

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10. Don’t forget to keep those missionaries in your prayers!

Preach for TP meme

11. OK technically not a meme, but still hilarious:

12. Oh gosh…

13. I see what you did there…

Run across any great memes to ease some of the tension lately? Share them with us in the comments!

(Also, if you have original sources for any of these unattributed memes, let us know!)

David Snell is a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. He's the Founder of The Sunday Pews, and has experience writing for Mormon Newsroom Pacific, KBYU11, Classical 89 Radio, FamilyShare.com and plenty more. He tries not to take himself too seriously and just wants to brighten your day a bit.