5 Famous Irish Mormons

manti te'o irish

To Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day here are 5 Famous Irish Mormons:


5. Ray Close

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Professional boxer Ray Close, had a successful career in Belfast. He both began and ended his career with extended win streaks, before retiring to avoid brain injury. He is an active member of the Belfast, Ireland Stake.


4. Manti Te’o

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Alright, this one’s a little bit of a cheat, but Manti Te’o (who is ethnically Samoan) did play for the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame during his impressive four year collegiate career, so he can be an honorary Irishman.


3. Danny Ainge

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Not only was Danny Ainge drafted by the Boston Celtics, play for the team for eight years, and now run them as team president, Ainge was even born on St. Patrick’s Day! Talk about being green to the core.


2. Mormon Pioneers


After his own conversion, later church president John Taylor served a mission to Ireland. Most of the converts there emigrated to the United States to join with other Mormons, though a significant population also stayed behind and began to build the Church in Ireland.


1. Joseph Smith

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The most famous Mormon of all. While Joseph Smith never claimed Irish ancestry, DNA analysis has concluded with certainty that the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints descended from Irish ancestors. So don’t hesitate to show off some Ireland pride today!

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