Why I Don’t Call Myself a ‘Mormon Feminist’

Salt Lake City Temple in spring
Image via templesinbloom.com

The following article was written by Stacie Duce for Deseret News. 

When I was a teenager, Bishop Vaughn must have considered me to be a brewing Mormon feminist. In Bishop Youth Councils, I purposely spiced the calendaring discussions with protests over any discrepancies in budgets and adventure-meters between the young men and young women.

I endorsed the new Personal Progress program not only because it gave purpose to our midweek activities and incentives for personal growth, but because it also paralleled the Scouting program and provided a semblance of equality.

Within my family, I was disrespectful enough to suggest my sweet, angelic grandmother stop addressing her letters as Mrs. Parley Lloyd.

“You should write Ann Lloyd everywhere, all the time,” I remember saying.

But it was that same grandmother who mentored me through my second through 10th visits to the Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and taught me so much truth and eternal perspective, that ideas of sexism did not and have not distracted my thoughts when participating in temple ordinances.

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