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  1. I have created a Book of Mormon Testimony Translation site where bi-lingual LDS members translate testimonies for other members. Any suggestions on how to promote it? It is a perfect way for return missionaries to keep up on their language skills. Book of Mormon Testimony Translator - index Thanks,
  2. I have two items that may be of interest here. First is my website – It is a place where you can log in, read the scriptures, listen, markup, take notes, search, look up Strong’s concordance, etc. The second is related to it but is a bit different in it format – I have created Messenger bots that allow you search and read the scriptures through a simple instant message client or through your Phone using SMS. Another site,, did a great job describing what is is and how to use it. Access the Scriptures via SMS Text or Instant Message Temple Study – LDS Temples, Mormon Temples, Study Blog