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  1. if you're an omnipotent being you can just switch your brain to "eternal bliss" mode when you get bored. Problem solved.
  2. Just because you think it wasn't easily accessible doesn't mean he didn't have access to them. He certainly did. That's besides the point. There are dozens of solstice myths just like this one. Discussing this topic on length only shows how derivative it is. Of course they are native americans, but Incans and Mayans do not refer to themselves as native americans and that's the difference. You're arguing semantics. Please refrain from this kind of thing so we can keep it civilized. I have only reasonable expectations for the validity of the historical accounts, not absolute efficacy. Of course historical accounts will be skewed, that's fine. I want something that isn't biased beyond recognition and has an original/contemporary source. This is not unreasonable. Regardless of whether scholars think nephites were in central america or not is not the point. My girlfriend and the missionary specifically mentioned the hopi indians. That is what I'm looking for and this is why I'm here. If there is no reference for it then so be it. I will close my inquiry about the hopi and focus on the next question: are there any america artifacts left over by the nephites and the laminates? If so, where can I see them? I've done some research and haven't found much. If there's anything I've learned since I've been here it's that the people on this site have access to some obscure and interesting material not readily available on the web. Also, thank you for the links :)
  3. My mistake. I was confused because the words "days" isn't used and it's so similar to pagan winter soltice accounts. Did you notice Viraocha isn't mentioned until the end of the article in the second paragraph? I wonder who the first guy was?
  4. The writer of the book of mormon had access to this material. I'm interested in native american accounts, not incan; for obvious reasons.
  5. Incan - Life, the Universe, and Etcetera I did some research on this and found the authors either non-existent or biased. Pedro Sarmiento "...hoped such a history would justify Spanish colonization by revealing the violent history of the Incas" - and claims that the Incan's are from the lost ciilization of Atlantis. I and anyone else reading this should take these europian accounts with a shaker of salt. Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia I was wondering if anyone had access to pre-europian native american accounts, seeing as how there is hardly any history of Mayan origin.
  6. Thank you very much. I will look into this. I'm confused. Where is the incan/indian story of a great white god appearing after several days of darkness.?
  7. Just because someone finds something horrible doesn't mean someone else will.
  8. Awesome! Thank you very much. I really appreciate your research. I did some more research on my own and it appears the artifacts are forgeries. Michigan relics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  9. I'm not really sure what you mean by this. I'm native american and related to our tribal representative. Talking about the book of mormon or the names within will not invoke an expression of horror in him, or any of us. =/
  10. I'm not here for conjecture. I've been searching and so far I come up empty handed or run into mass criticism. She told me that an actual hopi indian told the mormon's about the jesus visiting his tribe. Again, does anyone have any information outside the book of mormon confirming this?
  11. My girlfriend and I were talking about jesus coming to america and how the hopi indians were visited by a "white bearded man" who was jesus. Does anyone have a reference to this outside of the book of mormon? She also told me there was a great war in america and some artifacts were recovered. Can anyone point me to that information? this is NOT a troll.
  12. Thank you. This is exactly what I needed to know. Goodbye.
  13. Can anyone verify this with documentation? I need to know if this is really true.
  14. Thank you. I've encouraged her to go back to church and even offered to come but she says she's not ready yet. I know eventually she will be; and when she does I'm afraid she might start thinking differently of me. I don't want to lose her, but I also don't want to fall desperately in love with her; and not be able to give her what she really wants. I'm also afraid if we stay together she will resent me for holding her back.