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  1. I sort of get what you're saying. A newly married couple in my ward tried to get me together with a girl in our ward and then they told me to check out all the girl's on the singles ward site and to let them know if I was interested in anyone. I told them I was really looking to get involved, for a reason I won't get into here, but I told them. So, I can see why a person might be single, but not "looking."
  2. Yes, I think we actually do have some Stake thing coming up. There's more to my situation that I'd rather not get into though, so I don't expect anyone to fully understand my situation.
  3. Whoa, why'd you reget it... REALLY regretted it? I'd love to hear.
  4. Hi Bing. Thanks for replying. I just don't think people replying understand my situation. There literally is no one else in my age-range in my ward. There's some older, but I'd like to have kids, my own, so they're not suitable and the one that I'm attracted to that's older is a new member and has issues with Word of Wisdom and is going to get all of her... female parts taken out so....
  5. No, my main point is that I live in an area where there's not many single members. She's literally the only single in my ward that's in my age-range, etc. The others in my area are mostly too young or too old or something like that. And if there were 20 girls in my "range" I'd still be interested in her. Maybe I didn't use the right words before, but when I said "the one" I meant I'm interested in her. Or meaning I'm interested in her enough to even consider her that way. There's others that I'm attracted to or whatever, but I don't consider them a prospect.
  6. Oh come on, I'm not going to attack her with, "sooo... how many kids do you want to have...?" :) I meant she could be the one as far as I consider her a prospect. I know VERY little about her, so I really can't say if we'll even get along one-on-one - personality wise. :) She's the only one in my ward that I'm interested in on that level.
  7. I go to a family ward by the way. :)
  8. Thanks! THAT'S what I've been asking. I'm going to ask her out... I THINK!
  9. Ok, I'll be more direct. I've always an interest for this girl in my ward. I go to to a family ward and there's not many singles at all and actually she's the only one that I'm really interested in. My wanting to go out with her would be romantic. Meaning, maybe she could be the one. I have a hard time reading her, so I'm not really sure how she feels about me. And yes, I've wondered what would happen if it went bad between us and we had to see each other every week. I'm not talking about all that, my question was about if a woman would decline a date from a guy she was interested in. I mean that was my question. And yes, I know there's other variables, but that was my question. I'm rushing now, so I hope I've made sense. :)
  10. Hello. I have a question. If you were a single sister and you were interested in a single brother in your ward and he asked you out, would you go out with him? Or to put it different, would you ever be interested in a brother in your ward and decline to get together with him if you were interested? Thanks
  11. Yes, it would be more fun to make up my own, but that would be a bl8tant attempt of magnifying my ego, instead of my calling. :)
  12. Does anyone know if I can get this form from LDSCatalog? I'm on the site now, but can't seem to find it. I've even come upon "Church Handbook of Instructions, Book 1" but have no luck with that Temple Worker form. I know a person can go thru the Temple, but my bishop would like to get it started from our ward. The Distribution center hasn't opened for business yet today, so I thought I'd try here. Thanks a lot. UPDATE: I just called the Distribution Center. The person said it's not available on the ward OR stake level. Only Temples have it.
  13. I've been thinking about it for weeks and weeks, but now it seems me and this other person really like each other and I just have no interest in anyone else right now. The funny thing is this other person lives over 1,000 miles away. More later on this maybe
  14. Yes, I'd think a bishop would understand if she didn't want to deal with the secretary if it went bad.